Published On: Sat, Sep 19th, 2009

Mysterious Creature Found In Panama

Sepmetmber 19th, 2009

A mystery creature resembling those aliens in sci-fi movies has been found in Panama. This unidentified creature looks somehow like a relative to the Montauk Monster, another unidentified animal that was found in Montauk, New York in 2008.

This discovery could somehow change your perception of the existence of alien. Well alien in the sense that it is alien to human but not necessarily to the planet.

alien found in panama

The animal or alien was discovered by a group of teens while they were playing near a cave. They saw the alien like creature starting to come toward them.

Afraid as they are, they started throwing rocks on it until it stopped to respond. They then threw the creature into a creek and left. Some time later they came back to take some snapshots of it and informed the authorities.



The creature for sure looks like those in our movies but then those aliens in our movies are “shape” created by the imagination of humans based on our own physical appearance.

Zoologists are examining this creature right now and are still amazed! From the first report made public it is said that this could be a dead fetus and the teens in fact only discovered it lying down there and invented the story about throwing the rocks! As we know how ‘careless’ they can be at the age of 12 and 13!

Another possibility is that this could be an animal who lost all its fur and was only running for defense. This 2nd explanation seems more reasonable as the creature was hiding and living in the cave. source



  • Dr P.

    Perhaps this seemingly innocent event has launched Earth into full, official war with aliens.


    • tayo

      i think this

  • kalu

    bet this looks like a human being

    • blahhhh


  • blahhhh

    omg wow O.O is that real i have never seen a alien in rl before (well actually i dont believe in those mystery or something mayb because of there dna

  • Dr. Acevedo

    this being was murdered those teens deserve death penalty

  • Hasaclue432

    I can’t stand when news agencies post articles they have no clue about. All they do is cause speculation and doubt. A scientist has already said it is a sloth. It is obviously a sloth if you would just look at the paw of the animal. There is no such thing as aliens from another planet. Outside of this world there is only the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob who created the universe, and His heavenly beings. i.e. angels etc. The idea that an alien invasion could happen or a zombie apocalypse are clear deceptions from Satan the Devil. Do Not Be Deceived! When Jesus the Christ returns with all His angels the Devil will try to deceive you by making you think it is an alien invasion. Find the real Truth and the real Love only in Yehoshua Jesus the Christ!   

  • monisha

    v cant tell this is an alien, v found this in earth… maybe its belong with this earth

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