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Published On: Thu, Jul 5th, 2012

Nigerians Making Free Phone Calls

August 12, 2010

magicNewsRescue- Little surprise, people love free things. And with the telecommunications burst that is not such a burst on the pockets, Nigerians keep seeking ways to reduce their phone call costs.

As the Nigerian telephone company mogul, Mike Adenuga is purported to have said- ‘phone business is like ritual(voodoo) money’. It makes so much!

Countries like the United States, that do not predominantly use the GSM network offer their phone customers unlimited calling packages for as low rates as $100 per month. Landlines in the US operate at even lower costs, giving clients unlimited free calling to more than 100 countries for rates as great as $30/month. This is in great contrast to what is paid in Nigeria, Ghana and the like with individuals on average spending up to $10/day for little over an hour of phone talk time.

Nigerians calling each other in Nigeria for free

But Nigerians are always seeking ways out of this and actually getting two advantages for the price of one with a phenomenal gadget that has been a best winner in US markets for several years straight. This is the MagicJack PC-phone jack. A simple device that once plugged into a computer with fast enough internet and then plugged to a regular phone box, allows users make phone calls to United States phone numbers as though they are in the United States themselves, for FREE!

The easy 2 min Magicjack setup

The easy 2 min Magicjack setup

But it even gets better. Trust Nigerians with their ingenuity; Those who use this MagicJack device have permanent US phone numbers for a year with the single purchase of the device. Hence they use this device to call not only friends and family in the US, but also friends and family in Nigeria and Ghana who also have MagicJack for free for the entire year, and on with annual low cost renewal of subscription.

PerrySolution.com Nig LTD, also known as BuyDirectFromUSA.com on 23 Allen avenue, opposite Stop center, Ikeja, Lagos, 08035617436, the winners of the Institute for Direct Marketing “Best online shopping company” award due to their company ingenuity, as Nigerias main, goods and software import company for individuals and organizations, who officially market this product in Nigeria and advertised its many different usages, explained to us that their customers now purchase this for their family, friends and lovers locally and then utilize their own, with their US phone to call their family and friends within Nigeria, saving $1000s per year on phone bills.

With Main One broad band, we expect a greater usage of this amazingly cheap tool, authentic versions of which sell for under 15,000 Naira.


As the saying goes, ‘the White-man who made the pencil also made the eraser’, there is always a way for smart people to do things cheaper. Companies are also jumping on this bandwagon, giving their staff this amazing device and enabling them to make calls all over the world and to fellow Nigerian branches for free. Renewing the subscription annually is also made possible by international payment companies, like PerryMart.com who have renewed numbers for clients over the years.

Internet phones are possibly the phones of the future and with bluetooth-computer headsets, this home/computer phone can be seen being enjoyed while users walk all around the house or office. To many, the most amazing thing about this jack is its portability. It fits snug right in your pocket and you take your US phone number anywhere you travel to.

You don’t need contact NewsRescue, you can click here for more product information and to purchase: Magicjack- PerrySolution.com 23 Allen avenue, opposite Stop center, Ikeja, Lagos, 08035617436


You can click here for more product information and to purchase: Magicjack- PerrySolution.com 23 Allen avenue, opposite Stop center, Ikeja, Lagos, 08035617436



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  • not a mumu

    i can not believe this oh. is it real?

  • Guru

    you just made my day!

    This is the truth, I have been using magijcak for yrs now and i have enjoyed my money out of it. i bought it when it was 30,000 naira and i have called yanky enh so much. but i never realised this idea of calling people in Nija too. i have to get my friends to buy it too so we can call eachother. chai. see opportunity oh. thank you newsrescue and perrysolution.com for this information

  • jimoh

    have a nice day
    I use it with american phone cards my brother sends to me from yanky to call the whole world so cheap. and i heard you can get the internaional plan for it. i will ask buydirect if they can help me subscribe so it will call not only US numbers.

  • Dr Chidi O.

    Don't buy the fake versions!

  • lekan

    like dat and i beliveve

  • Saze Patrick

    I need to buy one. Who do i call?

    • udeki

      call mer on 07028829745

  • james

    how can this be possible?

  • Dirichi

    I dont blame Nigerians, with networks like mtn that charge neck breaking prices why wont they look for cheaper options?

    • Jonatha

      no mind them. am innnovatively thinking of how to lunch a network that charge 3k for a month 24/7. if they cant lower their price we will get all people to subcrib from us. watch out for it…

      • Nuhu

        You are really very funny! Everybody'll cheer if u can accomplish this man. Best of luck!

  • Idowu

    A friend of mine uses it and its amazing..it's really great

  • Bigbhimbo

    the majic jack is good as i use it.but you need to have a fast internet to be able to use it.it breaks whilst u talk if ur internet sucks.

  • tee


    • Babuji

      Tee you have to make a comend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aj-interiorz/101900789847228?ref=search Ajayi peter

    ow do i get it pls let me knw asap

  • Ramadan Mohammed

    Please how do I get one? Where is it sold?


    ao could it be possible here in nigeria pls tell

  • Chinedu Obiekezie

    We are heading somewhere, Thanks to God.

  • Richard

    i will like to have your free call connection, please.

  • oduna

    sounds absolutely romantic but then methinks there is some caveat hiding somewhere that we don't know about .i stand to be proved wrong.am just being totally paranoid people

  • oduna

    It sounds absolutely romantic but methinks there is a caveat hiding somewhere that we don't know about.i stand to be proved wrong .am just being kind of paranoid people

  • http://marinzedavid@yahoo.com marinzedavid

    cant it be ril or fecke, pls tell me more about it.

  • http://marinzedavid@yahoo.com marinzedavid

    cant it be rell or fecke, pls tell me more about it.

  • http://marinzedavid@yahoo.com marinzedavid

    your wellcome to my world i love it pls give me the info how to get it i need it or tell me more about it.

  • junnyjuwon

    cool if its real and bad if it is fake cuz 9ja alredy mak calls free

  • Jonatha

    if this stuff is perfectly and easily working am ready to market it, call me lets meet in Lag. Jonathan 08054447778. lets partner

  • Asogwa

    wah…….there's no need of conderming what you said but i have to say that technology keep on increasing and there're somany alternative nawaday……..which i think is more conducive,simple and not only cheaper but free to compare with urs. Like the one that i am using….u will just register and recharge about 10pounce then,u can call about 100 countries free of charge

  • Innocent

    for the nigerians is it real or one of their scams.08039795282

  • Jeff

    if this stuff is what you re saying it is, then it's more or less free.

    After the payment, how long does it take to get it? This is very important….

  • chibuike

    so how can i get my

  • Afis Oseni

    It like this stuff will really make a lot of sense but still want to get more info about it, if i can call any network in Nigeria and any other info. Which direct supplyer can i call to get it

  • kevin

    i need to buy this urgently but dont have online payment access

    • kayode adeola

      what do you what to by

  • Henry

    How do i get in contact with you

    • kayode adeola

      just call my no08051320165

  • http://www.yahoomail.com victor

    I will like to register for free calls and how to do it.

    • kayode adeola

      For glo network u just dial *100*1*2#

  • solomon

    i am love meeting poeple that love to meet me.

  • solomon

    i am 4m nig i leave in lagos you can cell me on +2347036510021,cell……me.

  • muhammad

    pliz can you thro more lite on it and how can i have it in my parms.

  • http://myspace.com abiola sacmmer

    dis fuking nice i don't need spending my cash to load card on my phone evry day..1k mtn dat fuck up i need this shit i cal us cause i ahev a lot of us maga ..i need dis sheet some one who know more about this should add me rev_pitapata

  • http://www.yahoo.com kosoko

    Making free calls in Nigeria…can it happen

  • Omololu Jeff

    If this is real,let me be part of it,i want to feel it and spread the good news to people.Where do i get the plug?

  • Agatha

    how does it work?. can u call nigeria network for free? and how much. pls send the reply to my email. thank you

  • okunola cornelius ol

    pls link me up with any older lady that can take good care of me here are my numbers 08075574550,08065144350

    • kayode adeola

      iam ready for you.you can also call me on my no08051320165

  • oyk

    Dose it work all over the country,how do i get it

  • onyeka

    how do get it to work .can it work all over the country

  • Miss Amarachi

    if there is how to make call in nigeria without money pls let me no, and need it. reply to my email or call me 08064916007

  • samuel

    the codes that is giving is not working

  • emmanuel joseph

    pls if dere is way 4me 2 b makin cals free of charge or lesa credit, pls let me knw, bcos am interested, cos i mak cals so much, dat spend money 4 recharge card. pls my numba is 08069066136 or 07042012092. 10q 4 ur comply. my email addrs, emmexjoe4life@yahoo.com

  • Gilbert Onu

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  • Gilbert Onu

    How can Iget it

  • http://www.globalsmsclick.com Noibi Abiodun

    I want to know how I can get the device.

    Pls, kindly text me the address or web address.

    Noibi Abiodun

    (Lagos State – Nigeria)


    Link me up on how to connect to pc free call.

  • david

    if there is how to make call in nigeria without money pls let me no, and need it. reply to my email,jossydavid@ymail.com

  • bayo

    how can i get one?

  • happy

    if i can make call free or brase with my phone n72 text the code to my emil happyagbons4luv@yahoo.com

    • kayode adeola

      if you are using GLO network dial*100*1*2#

  • Godwin

    Nice tech work, hw do i get this magic-jack and how can i make payment…

  • decent


    how could that possible,can u pls tell me………………….i will very happy for that. pls u should reply me to my mail…

  • oluwatobi

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    woow….i will like to know more about this!!!!! email me pls

  • ifidon igbavboa

    well, what a great innovation. The Nigerian network providers are just too greedy. Maybe it is a way of breaking off their monopoly or the US is trying to trace Nigerian phone calls. Either way, no problems, as long as the calls are really free.

  • SeeBace

    i will like to know about this,,,,,,, please email me!!!

  • feisayo

    can this be possible, how much is the margicjack?


    pls how sure is free call? pls if it is real i will need one,nd how can i get it

  • http://yahoo.com mathew ogunfeitimi

    pls if the product is real, i'll like to market it 4 u on commission basis. call me on this no. 08132219193; u can as well send details to my mail box

  • Dare

    I really need this right here…How can i get it pls?



  • raheem oluwasesan

    if its real is good, n what of if some one is in uk or us and wanted to call nigeria?

  • Adebowale Okunnuga

    how do get this product

    • uchenna

      i really need the product and how much does it cost

    • uchenna

      07062110896 its important and can also help in the marketing right away i've got the right suttons to push right in my palms

  • pamela ogwuegbu

    please may i know how you are going to be making your profit,the product needs to be serviced,if the company is actually not going to be making money( any kobo) from this product,how is the company going to manage and maintain this wonderful product to last for a life time.Some organisations will make money tru u guys,or is there something you are'nt telling us?lets talk about this sincerely.meanwhile this is going to be all day calls and not midnight calls that one needs to sacrifice his/her rest time for!i'm all ears and will be so delighted if i'm being carried along 'cos no man gos into business to please customers and go home weeping,or are'nt u guys not going to pay ur employers?

  • JOY

    If dis is so true den am very happy……hw do i get it cos i cnt wait,,,,,,,,,,…….

    • manei

      u guys acctually bliev dis stupid piece of junk dat is obviously a ripoff wil work u guys r sooo gullible

      • Wole Adeyeye

        you can't just condemn stuff you dont no nothing about here, try to get related to western world life, you will realized that so many inventions come's up everyday, this is true i gat one of it, i had been using it before i purchased mine, all depends on your connection's, but it's pretty cool

  • Maxwell

    i love this,how can we get it and in fact i am ready to market

  • Sadisu Ahmad

    But we don't how to get one?

  • Ezinne Chuks

    Pls how do i get this product? i really would like to have one.

  • Chiscolex(Onyeochach

    I think I would rather remain courteous; our elders says that when it sounds too good to be true, then its chances of being true is slim!


    please reduce the price.

  • Ahmed M. Balogun

    we can wait 2 see dat. pls cum 2 our aid. not bcos of the rich but bcos of we d poor masess, all our dairly income is going on calls. d tarrif here in nigeria is three much.

    i can wait 2 see ur product.

    dis is an opportunity 2 be one of ur wolesales.

    my contact no. +234-0703-582-3232 or

    Mtech Computer's at No.308b new layout, lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria

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  • Noblelink

    please I want to know how i can get that stuff cos am interested for personal use and even i will like to be one of the major distributors around Nigeria

  • segun oje

    Making the product available is all we need,pls.

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    plz let me know how to get the prodct .u can get in touch with me on my email contact .thanks

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  • emeka

    hey..i will like to market d product in my area…please get in touch with me on my cell 08134735158..thanks

  • owen

    How do get one of such and perhaps a distributor pls

  • lasisi Mayowa

    Hmmmmm, i will like to know more about this

  • onyekaGod

    the same quisition with hills ,i will like to know the good,de bad and ugly side of beside as an igbo guy i will be your best distributor.if it interest you on me.07028372104.

  • sucess technology

    download how to browse the internet fro whereever you are

  • arinola

    if it is real then how can i get it

  • christopher collins

    i will only like to esteblish it to my people

  • christopher collins

    i will like esteblish it to my country if it real,08093030286

  • ayoola

    but the can we call mobile lines in nigeria too ?

  • esther banjo

    how can connect to it,i need it thank u

  • esther banjo

    pls call me let me know how to go about it,08034830555 or 08058618500hanks

  • esther banjo

    i dial it but is not goin kayode i am using glo

  • muyiwa

    how does it work and what are the requirements?

    send a reply to the email address

  • Dayo

    pls call me let me know how to go about it,08055183321

  • Adewunmi Olowoporoku

    I’m so so so interested in this…………pls mail me or call 08052034364

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    i really want to know how it work please call me +2348086135359or mail me

  • isongudo

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  • robert orji

    tell how it work please!!!!!1 email me

  • alex

    guys beware of con men and spammers! to be fore warned is to be fore armed!


  • eejay

    For now the only free calls in Nigeria that I know is on Zoom mobile. For just N50 a day u can talk for 24 hrs free on zoom to zoom calls formally known as Reltel.

    Every other purported free call is a hoax

  • Osahon Okoro

    How does it work? i know of skype and yahoo msger. does it use those medium. plz call me 08069006291

  • olubukky

    pls i wil lyk to knw how to make free calls to zain,mtn,nd glo pls it is very urgent u can also cal on 08121551877 or08131369519

  • joe

    dis a very welcome development if real. notin stops u frm helpn de poor masses of nigeria who hv suffered in d hands of d rich

  • joe

    pls reply me on my email above so dat i know wat to do cos am very much interested in this development. thank you and God bless

  • Gaff

    Nice hear this on facebook, if this is really truly can you please call me on .08038647373 gently needed at all cost thanks

  • onwy

    This is still for the rich. Where does a poor man have money to buy a pc? Where will he get the one for internet facility and the one that is fast in Nigeria as you said. Even if he gets one, who will be recharging it. Then were is the electricity to use this all important shit? So many place in Nigeria cannot get internet anything in there place. So you are still talking for the rich. Thank you

  • vicky

    please can you send me how to make free call,this is my number 08037632953

  • Harry kanikwu

    Men i wuld like to get more jeck or that could that be possible?

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    call me or send me a mail….08132344899 or 07052140708..thanks

    • kingsley

      i'll like 2b among the people making free calls in nigeria cus am in nigeria. my number is 08069440191. but i'll call u.

  • Chikwas


    • Chikwas

      I've once been hooked up with this Shit sometime last year, I had a laptop and fast Internet available from a big ISP around ma hood but this shit is real carp in this part of the world as it jitters with the Internet and You've gotta also pay for your Internet making up for the cost of your phone bills…

  • ifeoma igboji

    Pls direct me on how to acquire this gadget am really intrested in it.

  • Tboy

    Really interesting and lovely…

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  • chineye

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    Please i want to know if i can call other GSM line in Nigeria if they dont have this device.

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  • emmanuel

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    all Nigerian are crazy of making free call, o my god.

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  • Ikpe Emmanuel

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  • Ikpe Emmanuel

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  • adeyemi adepelumi

    this is a good motive , how i wish it could be executed as stated here without any doubt to the people.if you guys get it right you will make things a lot easier for people. can it also be used for commercial.cheers

  • oke motunrayo

    kul one there,shout out to all NIGERIANS,HAPPY INDEPENDENCVE DAY………………………

  • uwadiale oes

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  • Myron

    Fix the price n i will get it

  • Emmanuel J

    Pls i know we are not 2 be trusted in this country.But i believe something like this is very possible, so i'll like all details(price$usage) 2 be posted 2 me as soon as possible.


    • Adesunkanmi

      Please can you post this to my office? My office address is C&I Motors 334/336, Agege, Motor Road, Lagos. Thank you so much!

  • Edem

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  • Simon

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  • Emmaco

    I need it, and how can I get it, I really love it please if u can send amount with version of the staff to my box I will be very happy.

    And if I may ask, does this base on service?

  • peculiar

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  • Adelu

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  • Boxylinx

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    is it internet phone? if not which network access is it using? free call idea hardly survive in Nigeria.

  • Daniel

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    could this be true? how much? wanna kw more

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  • akinlabi


    im shocked dat even with peoples comments they have failed to see insults in this, confirming it by their excitment over free calls… 'nigerians ingenuity'.

    and tryin to spoil the telecomms market in naija to boost that of d US… u guys r just blind, naija always to greedy to think of long term and hiding effects on us.

    it is not true that nigerians spend average of 10$/day on calls.

    These same people will come to say d average nigerian lives on less than a dollar /day.

    WAKE UP.

    If we dont patronise our own who will? a lot of jobs and the chain effect on the economy!!!

    did they tell that u call for as low as 25kobo/ sec N15/min (GSM) in naija, no they wont.

    • Victor

      I quite agree with you, Akinlabi about the gullibility and unpatrioicness (if I can use those terminologies) of our people, they just jump at everything 'FREE' without considering the long-term effect of it, they fail to even consider the source of such 'Free Gimmicks' even where it does work, what are the legality and morality of it. Let us think twice about things likw this, indeed quioting my brother Nigerians WAKE UP

      • Allegory

        Those people are just there collecting money from poor masses to enrich their pocket,but let them also bring their tarrif down or else nigerians will go with free one to save their little money.

        • Mohammed

          In all, i jst realise dat we still hav som sensibl ppl left in naija, u c nigarians r so cunny dat dey dnt evn tink b4 dey act, dat is y yahoo-yahoo bois r getin thru wit 'em, u can imajin frm NBF site abt 7 mails wl b sent 2 u wt diff names bt d same pictures all wt virtually d same sense of story bt yet ppl fall 4 ds froudstars bcos we(nigerians) hav a great deal of greed in us. Na God go save us o!

    • dapo

      At Akinlabi and Victor…You guys both made a good point. But i would like you guys to consider this. Though if this product is actually true, (i knw it cant be free cos u ll have 2 pay 4 it) then i wouldnt blaim any Nigerian who will go for it…Think about how many people who load their phones with credit every day..think about how much these telecoms comp makes everyday but what bundle of benefit do they offer? Non! see how high dia tariffs are..they cant even offer free sms and such like…compare their tariff and benefits the foreign comps make available 4 dia customers….

      Menn! if this product is better i wouldn't even mind broadcasting it 2 the whole country…if people starts deviating then i think their head go correct…

      • Allegory

        thank you my brother.

  • james richard

    Wow, i want you to no that i already hard of it in the united state and Canada even my friends here use it to ring his mum in the states, but all am after is the price because i no much about it even my wife has order it for me but i would be really happy if i can get it fast before my wife have it posted to me because i want to always talk to my wife with it , i no much about it, i would like you to email me the price because i can not wait to have it , from James Richard.



  • Rax

    this is exactly what i need…… hw do i acquire it????

  • Katuka

    This is very interesting and would like to be part of

    this show

    • maxwell


  • Tayo

    Its a good innovation, but does the recieveing end of the call have to have the device too? . how do i become a distributor for my state cos u would be surprise at the result.

  • olawunmi


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    • adeniyi anuoluwapo

      mail me the price and where can i get it

  • Tope

    Guys be careful! its only just a year free subscription on purchase of the phone. mind u the tariff might change without notice after one year. if this is to stay i believe TV and radio adverts are the best media to publicize this . im sorry to be too cautious. im only being Nigerian and just have to be careful………………..

  • Obe Lanre

    Ds is gr8! Pls send me details on 08066537073.

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    this is pure scam.

    even if it works now………it is surely transient, how will mtn and other networks make thier money

  • tobi

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  • tobi

    but to only usa

    • Dapo O.

      Well think about this, my friends have it too so we all call ourselves for free right here in Naija! I've been using it for a long time now.

      • habib

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        thanx n pls u can call me on dis numba 07061333610

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    i know about this magic jark, its really cool, i have one.. i call both us and canada

  • http://DotComClass.com Patrick Ogidi

    Akin Alabi has said it all…

    Let's learn to patronise our Nigerian Industry…

  • courage

    bros how can i get to recharge it as the one am using has just been stop

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    If courage says he wants to recharge his own it means he has been using it, in that case i will like to have it and pls whats the cost. Thanks

  • E'nuel

    It certainly is for real… I live in ibadan and got it here, I use it to call my friends that have it and also the US, you can also change the number if you want… there are lot of ways of manipulating it…

  • Prince omens

    please how can buy it from Enugu…email me via:princeomens@yahoo.com

    thnx n waitin

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  • Abdullahi Ibrahim

    why this kind things are not seen in the northern part of the country?

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    If this is true, I want buy this device.

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    Its a very nice product and an advanced in technology….i will like to have a deal with your organization also be your marketer … please respond is a virtue. Thanks and God Bless

  • lutero

    pls,if this is true of free call or lesser cash than other network,send to my mail. Thanks and i will reword u 4 dat

  • http://yahoo.com Smart.C

    I want to know the kind of phone to use.Is it regular land line (nitel,starcomms) or buy a land phone from the open market.

    • andrew

      any land line handset works, you can buy this from anywhere and before that you can use your computer headset

  • steve dax

    what can of phone is good for me

  • Dike bamidele

    I f this is tru i will be involved. just send me a mail.

  • dimkwe

    if it real i want know the detail i need it.

  • dimkwe

    if it real i want know the detail i need it.08035888421

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      IT work as long as you have an internet run on your pc.

      i could get you one to test if you think you want to see how it worked. Or call 08060601040 erick

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    am interested in buying this product hope to receive all the details through my email address.

  • cyriacus

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    explain to me how can i make this free calls

  • Richard

    I will love to have this as soon a possible

  • salami susan

    hi? people of nigeria, infact eveybody in the world like free thing,except the people that use the other means in correcting thing that does not belong to them.evertheless,if the free call is there for to use it will be better of than before.infact i really are welcome ideal pls keep it up .thank

  • http://www.hotmail.com segun

    if it real i need one

  • Emmanuel

    how much does it cost?

  • jummy

    i care to know too

    • kenny

      alrite, mail me on lexyk70@yahoo.com

    • kelly

      okay jummy how is urday i wish to know u better tell me bout u where du stay so i can able to locate u & ur mobile number plz

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  • John

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    Please I need one also, could you please send details to me via my email.

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  • Sanusi Umar Barambu

    Am interested in this stuff.Pls how do I get it?

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