Oklahoma Teen Mom Burns Baby’s Genitals With A Hair Straightening Iron


May 10th, 2012

Newsone- A 19-year-old teen mother is jailed on $200,000 bond for intentionally burning the genitals of her 15-month-old infant, the Daily Mail reports. The horrific incident took place last Friday, May 4th.

Jodi Rock
, 19, from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, was charged with a felony for injure a minor child. The child is in state custody.

Rock was reportedly straightening her hair when she then decided to clamp her child’s testicles with the straightening iron she was using. The infant had three burn marks which started on the inside of his right thigh and reach his testicles. But this incident was not the first instance in which the child was abused.

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The Daily Mail has more:

Several new fractures were found on his left shoulder and 12-week-old fractures were found on his right shoulder.

Forearm and wrist fractures that were somewhere between a day-old and 12-weeks-old and the bones in the forearm and wrists had never been properly set, the affidavit states.

When investigators were called to the hospital, the toddler appeared to be ‘glassy eyed’ and ‘withdrawn’.

When they saw the child’s shoulder, investigators noted ‘it was slack and had an obvious deformity that was impossible to not notice. The child visually appeared to be in agony’.

Rock implicated her boyfriend and family members before confessing to the crime. What is up with all of these mothers abusing their children?

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