Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2012

George Zimmerman Arrested! Father A Judge; Above The Law

April 11th, 2012 Update:

George Zimmerman was arrested Wednesday on a charge of second degree murder in the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. According to his attorney, a warrant for his arrest was declared and he is now in the custody of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The Murder could have been prevented: More expected actions

The public is demanding in addition to his arrest, more severe investigative and disciplinary actions into the obvious laxity and complicity in the Florida police department. The extreme delay it took in bringing a most glaring criminal charge elucidates a deficit in department conduct.

Late March, the Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte had said that so many people complained at the city commission meeting about Sanford officers, the city asked the Department of Justice to step in.

“I am now in the process of talking with the Department of Justice and instituting a mechanism whereby citizens that have concerns or complaints about the Sanford Police Department can have their concerns heard and investigated by an independent agency,” Bonaparte said.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Stepped down temporarily earlier. Bonaparte stands behind in image

Police criminal negligence?

There were obvious lapses in judgement and execution of police protocol favorable to this judge’s son that in the first place allowed this dangerous criminal with past records of violence against police, carry a concealed weapon, hunt his neighbors- which the police were well aware of- culminating in his- Zimmermans murder of Trayvon. And more severe abnormalities in the department that allowed his release from custody after the crime, even though ‘unnecessary man slaughter’ had been written on his folder.

Further, the declaration of Trayvon ‘missing’ for three days while his family searched for him, when the police had his personal information as is seen in the image above, from the day of the murder, raises the instance of ‘aiding and abetting and concealing’ murder within the department.

March 27th, 2012; Updated March 29th {Video of Zimmerman arriving at police precinct}

George Zimmerman Arrested Thrice! Father A Judge; Above The Law

NewsRescue- That George Zimmerman is yet eluding justice defies all logic and sets dangerous precedence in the United States- that individuals of all races with prior arrests for dangerous activity including violently resisting arrest- beating up the arresting officer- can posses a concealed weapon, in civilian clothes, advance toward anyone they deem suspicious and shoot dead that individual if he is combative or resistant to their advance.

George Zimmerman’s white father, Judge Robert J. Zimmerman as quoted below, described George as a ‘Spanish speaking minority’, painting him as neither Jewish, nor white. Well, being Jewish must then be a religion and not a heritage, and being white must only be matrilineal as paternal contributions must not reflect, in his fathers point of view.

George Zimmerman is as Hispanic as Obama is White, after all, Obama’s mom is white, just like George’s mom is from Cuba, while Obama’s dad is black, just as Zimmerman’s dad is White. Perhaps Judge Robert Zimmerman suggests we apply the ‘one-drop’ rule.


George Zimmerman clearly disobeyed police instructions before assassinating the teen. Here is exactly what the dispatcher said:

Dispatcher: Are you following him?

Zimmerman: Yah

Dispatcher: Ok, we don’t need you to do that.

But as we now know, Zimmerman’s history of police disobedience is not new, what is odd is the Police, government and main stream media reaction to this clearly dangerous precedent.

One of the most factual analysis’ of the case thus far can be read below:

Bill Schmalfeldt

CNN revealed a telling piece of information Friday that has been missed by many of the media outlets covering the slaying of 17-year old Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch captain on Feb. 26.

“The portrayal of George Zimmerman in the media, as well as the series of events that led to the tragic shooting, are false and extremely misleading,” his father, a retired magistrate judge, wrote in a letter published in the Orlando Sentinel. “Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations have used this tragedy to further their own causes and agendas.”

“George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends,” Robert Zimmerman wrote. “He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.” (Emphasis added.)

Might this explain why, when he was first taken to police headquarters on Feb. 26, the lead investigator wanted to bring charges against Zimmerman, saying he was unconvinced of the 28-year old’s description of events.

ABC News reports:

The lead homicide investigator in the shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin recommended that neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter the night of the shooting, multiple sources told ABC News.

But Sanford, Fla., Investigator Chris Serino was instructed to not press charges against Zimmerman because the state attorney’s office headed by Norman Wolfinger determined there wasn’t enough evidence to lead to a conviction, the sources told ABC News.

According to Think Progress, Wolfinger has since removed himself from the case.

Was Wolfinger doing a favor for a retired judge? The blog Hinterland Gazette believes that may be the case.

It should be noted that George Zimmerman may have received favorable treatment from the police because of his family. ‎According to court records, his father is retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert Zimmerman and his mother Gladys Zimmerman was a court clerk. Connections in the legal community run deep and go far.

Might this also explain the younger Zimmerman’s record that includes three “closed arrests”?

Related: NewsRescue-Zimmerman murder of US black teen Trayvon Martin in Florida finally gets attention

Another blog,, puts it like this:

According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.

All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. So how was someone with a violent past including that of battery against an officer able to carry a 9 mm handgun? Maybe that’s a question Robert Zimmerman should answer.

RollingOut lists the arrests and cases in question

From the Orange County, FL Circuit Court Clerk of the Court Records page: [link to]
Record Count: 4
Search By: Party Exact Name: on Party Search Mode: Name Last Name: Zimmerman First Name: George Case Status: Closed Date Filed On or After: 01/01/2005 Date Filed On or Before: 01/01/2006 Sort By: Filed Date
Case Number Citation Number Style/Defendant Info Filed/Location/Judicial Officer Type/Status Charge(s)

Two cases of domestic violence:



Div 44
44, TBA

Domestic Violence
Closed – SRS



Div 46
White, Keith F

Domestic Violence
Closed – SRS

A case of resisting arrest without violence:


Miller, W Michael



And most disturbingly in Bill’s terms, a closed case of resisting arrest with violence:


Div 10
OKane, Julie H

Criminal Felony



His additional cases and the only ones the main stream media(MSM) seemed to notice were traffic violations, speeding tickets and a debt case. It appears the MSM published these select cases to make their readers believe they had completed the search. Fortunately, independent media does not trust them.

Bill in the examiner continues– Three cases, three charges, all closed.

How did this guy get a gun, let alone a carry permit?

By the selective leaking of information, whose ass is the Sanford Police Department trying to cover? It’s own? The former state attorney? Retired Virginia Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert Zimmerman’s? Or George Zimmerman’s?

One thing seems crystal clear. Despite the conservative rush to smear Trayvon, it’s looking less like a case of justifiable homicide and self-defense and more like someone trying to protect the privileged son of a retired Virginia Supreme Court Magistrate Judge.

Full image

Update: Surveillance video of George Zimmerman being led into police precinct- no obvious injury noticeable

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  • Tone Are
  • Richie..

    mennnnnnn dis guy should be castrated he’s such an ass! and deserves no mercy!

  • liloleme

    SO …..In other words people do not expect for this guy to be arrested or tried for the murder of this  young boy. He is above the Law by association. and after all his white father says he is a minority too!

    • Guest

      This is not to mention that a retired magistrate judge, Robert Zimmerman, passed judgement after simply hearing his son’s version of the story. This man was a judge? How many guilty paties have been released by him; and how many innocents are in prison due to his lack of professionalism? There are two sides to every story, and he jumped to a conclusion after hearing only one side. How is that just?

  • Mecury

    hmmmmmmmm! y are u all surprised, America is the most morally corrupt society in the whole world, nothing happens for no reason!!! Word.

  • Anonymous

    I am a supporter of Trayvon and his family. I have a question about the above partial police report,the top paper that says 3:07am, is that the same paper that has Trayvon’s information on it? It looks as though it’s not but it is stating by the comment and red circles that it is. The bottom piece of paper, with Trayvon’s info on it looks as though it is a separate piece of paper placed on top of another one. I would hate for anyone supporting Trayvon to become unbelievable because of this. It disgusts me that they record checked and drug tested him and not Zimmerman. It disgusts me that they let him lay in the med examiners office/morgue for as long as they did. A lot of things about this disgust me, but I would like that cleared up. Is there a link to the papers showing the time on Trayvon’s information paper?

  • sovery good

    In this discussion please consider all the available data.

    Because there is repeated mention to the race of the murdered child as being black, I would like to also emphasize the race of the murderer is white but not just a regular white but a white of jew race and of possibly Spanish sub-racial origin or Anglo Saxon sub-racial origin or Khazar sub-racial origin like Bernard Madoff.

    Indeed, his father is a judge and we have many such unscrupulous judges in California and for this reason high crime rate since the policemen and the lawyers work intimately with the judges and when the judicial system and judges are corrupt, they get tutoring in intimate working relations into the art of corruption and lying. Wherever you see high crime rate, blame the judges because

    the judges spread it. Also blame the top corrupt government officials like the most criminal and ODIOUS George Bush, Dick faced Cheney, and their anti-ARAB RACIST Neocons, mostly of KHAZAR race.

    I have definitely observed, the jewish lawyers in California have the CHUTZPA for making shocking and glaring lies.

    • Ami Colon-Treyger

      My husband’s Jewish and he thinks what went down is totally wrong.  I’m Puerto Rican.  Should it matter?  I don’t think so.  Zimmerman killed an innocent human being and he needs to go to jail and do some serious time for it or get the chair.  Either way he needs to pay for what he did.  My  husband and I BOTH agree with that.

    • Guest

      THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “JEW RACE”. Being Jewish means that BY RELIGION, you are Jewish. How is this a race? Were Jews born in Jewland? Wake up.

      • Reme

        Well actually you are right and wrong! They have same ethnic background and trace ancestors to Khazaria. Many studies prove that Ashkenazi Jews have no connection to Holy Land as the King of Khazaria converted his barbaric ppl. So the wicked “Jews” are not wicked cuz of a religion, its a tradition that goes back very far and these type of “Jews” use religion as a cover. They study the mystery religions and occult practices and black majik. Anyway there are genuine Jews from Mideast and Sephardic Jews of Spain who don’t agree with wicked Zionist ways but unfortunately the AshkeNazi Jews are the ones with the power and they have rules(Protocols of Zion) that they follow to a T! They think we are here to serve them! They also say evil stuff bout Jesus and Mary. So don’t buy their propaganda! JUST READ THEIR MOST HOLY BOOK THE TALMUD! The biggest threat to the evil in this world is Islam and that is main reason they use their media to disinform and astray mankind from the truth but we must fight to save internet b4 they say the web must be shut down for security reasons. then we will be force fed more garbage from TV.

        • Ted

          You REME are truly ignorant and have NO idea if what you are saying. So go back , put on your white hood and brush your tooth. Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a FORGERY, not writen by a jewish person. And do some reading in genetics, the connection of Ashkenazic Jews to the Khazars does NOT exist, sorry but you have been fed a pile of manure. But I am not surprised as your IQ must be very low and of a hateful nature.

          • C W

            I’m surprised at the number of people here who are only posting because they want to see nonwhites murder nonwhites.

        • Abdallah

          Reme I LOVE UR COMMENT.

      • Anonymous


        The Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדִים‎‎ ISO 259-3 Yhudim Israeli pronunciation [jehuˈdim]), also known as the Jewish people, are a nation and an ethnoreligious group, originating in the Israelites or Hebrews of the Ancient Near East. The Jewish ethnicity, nationality, and religion are strongly interrelated, as Judaism is the traditional faith of the Jewish nation.[3][4][5] Converts to Judaism,
        whose status as Jews within the Jewish ethnos is equal to those born
        into it, have been absorbed into the Jewish people throughout the

        So being Jewish is Ethno, Israelo- Religion, bla, bla bla. And they only exclude when needed and include when needed apparently from father Zimzo’s best example.

    • C W

      Racist trash versus racist trash. Fly back to Stormfront.

  • Dray3591

    So we  dont have to listen to the Police  dispatcher. So go out and shot some body and i am following them not them following me come on., big liers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelvee77

    when is zimmerman a hispanic name. Hang him.  an eye for an eye.  off with his head.  Send him to be Big Bubber’s new “wife”.  Get this maniac off the streets. send his white  daddy with him.  

    • Guest

      Now if that’s not a racial remark, I don’t know what is.

    • Doviard

      Racist S.O.B.

    • C W

      Sorry, racists of ANY type are unwelcome.

      • Abdallah

        Nothing fascist about facts. Zionist Jews run the media . So it’s likely they didnt cover a fellow Jews crimes against humanity.

  • Janna Schroeder

    ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS!!! This needs to be investigated by the FBI, or any other law enforcement that IS NOT connected in ANY , WAY, SHAPE OR FORM , TO the Sanford PD, OR Miami PD.  IT is looking like a case of POLICE DEPARTMENT/KILLER’S JUDGE DADDY saying, “I’ll suck yours if you suck mine.” kinda thing.  Can you say CORRUPTION??? Can you say, POLICE/JUDICIAL CORRUPTION????? CONCEALMENT, TAMPERING, AND OVERALL DECEIT in the Miami/Sanford POLICE DEPARTMENTS.  You can be SURE Daddy judgejudy Zimmerman is slapping some palms with big bucks and big promises to cover this mess up. I wonder where judgejudy daddy zimman has sent his precious son to wait this out???? WHERE IS G ZIMMERMAN????????????????????   THIS IS SUCH A HUGE CASE OF CORRUPTION, SO BLATANT AND IN OUR FACES THEY ARE SAYING, HEY, WE ARE THE POLICE,  & WE CAN DO ANY DAMN THING WE WANT TO, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE HAVE BIG BIG TIME JUDGE SLAPPING OUR ASSES, AND IF YOU HAVE SKIN OF COLOR, COUNT YOUR DAYS.

  • Janna Schroeder

    Here is a simple question to answer.  Would Trayvon Martin be alive right now if G Zimmerman had done as he was instructed to do, and stop pursuing his “suspect”?? If you answer Yes, than G zimmerman should be arrested for Manslaughter. VERY SIMPLE.  I can hear this question being asked in the court room already.  What is your answer?

    • Diligentlyseekhim

      i do not see man slaughter in this case i see MURDER!! 

  • Reme

    CNN put his Israeli citizen brother on TV last night and he spread so much propaganda like Trayvon was goin for gun and that George has never lied in his life and that George was hurt. Just having Jewish community connects in Florida is usually enough, but to also have a Jewish Magistrate father means you wont even spend a minute behind bars. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! ORGANIZE MARCHES AND THIS AINT NEW! PALESTINIANS DEAL WITH ZIONIST MEDIA DAILY!

  • EKMail

    I agree, if Zimmerman had stayed in his car, this child would be alive.
    Trayvon Martin was simply minding his own business until Zimmerman took chase.
    One question I also have, if Zimmerman had as many blows to his head and worried about ending up,
    as his brother says “wearing diapers” from having his head smashed against the sidewalk, then why was he not put in a head restraint and taken to an emergency room? You see him walking in to the police station less than an hour after he shot and killed Trayvon. That seems very odd from what I seen of head and neck injured persons and the first care they are given. Not in this case.

  • Samual A

    There are several errors about the information. The police did not order Zimmerman to stop following Martin. They merely stated he did not need do that. Secondly, Zimmerman was treated on site by paramedics before the video above shows him. Finally, I am sorry but Martin was over 6 feet tell. He did not like Zimmerman following him and decided to KO him. There is no way getting around it. Martin was from Miami, not Sanford. Martin was not familiar with the area or living in a gated community.

    • Anonymous


      That was funny. lol Like your great sense of humor.

    • Karen Roberts

       If I siren went off, as is the case when medics come to call, it would of roused the whole neighborhood and then Trayvon parents would of found out it was their son. So no! That is a lie, medic’s did not treat him. And if it was so bad as his brother said they go off again to rush him to hospital to check him out. So what we have hear is a bold face lie that you believe! Really!

    • Diligentlyseekhim

      you sound like a fool

    • C W

      The police did not order Zimmerman to stop following Martin. They merely stated he did not need do that.”
      So what relative of Zimmerman are you?

  • Anonymous

    Can you say Jew-ish .  Like Zimmerman is a cuban name -puh-lease

  • Brnstaley

    this is bigger than martin or zimmerman, without bi racial juries working together our judicial system will fail 

  • Wil21252

    so can some please tell me what George Zimmerman’s father ethnicity is?

    • Wilf21252

      Please have somone tell me what is the ethnicity of George Zimmerman’s father?  If he is Jewish, what country did he immigrate from?

  • Diligentyseekhim

    if zimmerman feared for his life then why did he get out of his truck where he was safe? and if he was treated for a broken nose wheres the blood and why isn’t his eyes  black everyone “nose” that when your nose is broken healing takes place through your eyes not only that the police covered it up because of zimmermans father being a judge ill be glad when he gets what he deserves life in prison

    • Dray3591

      This has been going on for the longest, they have been killing blacks any chance they can get. Police do it all the time. How can YOUR  LIFE  be in danger if i am running from you BIG LIE but they and others have been getting away with this 400 year or more. I am so glad that its come to the for front where everybody can see.  I am so sorry for the family This has to stop .now Ohio what was that if it wasnt  a hat crime 5 people come on you dont have to be blinded or crazy.   These people that have all the education really think that everybody is crazy and are blind an that we cant see the truth. I hope they stop this before all hell breaks out we dont need this. Just think what this world think about this united state land of the free where people can be killed with just being the wrong color.  This Law was made for people of color thats how they do it and they wont  be charged. Now everybody no about this Law check and see if its in your state so you no what to do.

  • Anonymous

    Focusing on Zimmerman is a distraction from the real culprits to be charged: The Florida police division who left such a dangerous felon of high risk to Blacks and non blacks alike in his vicinity, armed and even in contact with them in pursuit of soon and certain victims for him to murder. It is the police’s duty to prevent and not only abate and solve crimes(which they cant even). They should be held responsible and as accomplices in this case.

  • Smal


    • Anonymous

       Didn’t think of that. U damn right, he deserved to have been killed! If you know any other nigger kids who have some truancy, please point them out so we can all hunt them down and kill them, OK.

  • traduceri ucraineana romana in bucuresti

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  • Andrew

    That racist
    Comment going to be removed soon or what?

    Zimmerman needs to go to
    I don’t even need to explain.

  • Abdallah

    Simple comment. Lets reverse roles . If Zimmerman was “black” and if Trayvon was a hispanic Jewish son of a judge.. What do u all think will happen or would have happened? WE ALL KNOW ….DO YOU. . . .? I see a lot of white guys in my hood that look suspicious and make me feel threatened …… Yeah ponder on that fuk heds, and Jewish is not just a religion IN ACADEMIA JEWS WENT TO GREAT LENGTHS TO BE CLASSIFIED AS ETHNO-CULTURAL IDENTITY AS OPOOSED TO THEM BEING SEPERATE LIKE OTHER NATIONS…. I.E. NIGERIAN-MUSLIMS , COPTIC-CHRISTIANS, ANGLO SAXONS …ETC

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