$1.5M Dubai Properties: Nigeria’s Army Chief Yet To Defend Himself Days After #BurataiGate Scandal


Nigeria’s army chief is yet to defend himself three days after Sahara Reporters made a shocking revelation that Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai owned two homes in Dubai with a total worth of $1.5 million dollars according to the army as reported in theNationOnline.

While the Nigerian public has been expecting General Buratai to formally defend himself of he allegations of corruption for the homes he purchased in 2014 at the height of the Dasuki-Jonathan ArmsGate scandal, the army chief has yet remained silent.

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Several government departments have been usurped into the private defense of the army chief in his personal matters with the official army spokesman, Colonel S. K. Usman being diverted from his official functions and utilizing his office to defend the army chief while.

General Buratai secretly declared his assets. His total wealth including property in Nigeria and other countries is yet to be fully known. While the army attempted to defend his purchase of $1.5 million in property in Dubai, it is unknown what his total wealth is and how he managed this on a salary of below N650,000 per year.

The #BurataiGate scandal comes as the Buhari government battles to establish itself as a new integrity and anti-corruption government in troubled Nigeria.