10 Achievements Of General Buhari : For Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe

buhari osinbBy Ifetunde Seyori

Doyin Okupe offered N1m to anyone that can list 10
Achievements of General Buhari.

A blog Reader with the name Mr Timi just responded. He
listed these 10 achievements below:

1. Cleansed Nigeria of corruption as head of state.

2. Reduced inflation rate from 40% to 3%.

3. Prosecuted and jailed hundreds of corrupt politicians,
officials and business people.

4. Reduced our debt.

5. Diversified our economy focusing more on agriculture.

6. Stabilised Naira (changed colour of money to
stop illegal printing and theft of our money).

7. Rejected IMF loans and its ruinous dictates.

8. Recovered looted funds from looters.

9. Refused to Devalue Naira or raise fuel price.

10. Captured Exiled looter Umaru Dikko in the Uk

I can go on!

Anyway I don’t want any reward from Okupe I don’t handle
stolen money.

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