Over 100 Dead In Boko Haram Bomb Attack On Kano Emri’s Palace Mosque

NewsRescue– The bombing came a week after the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi called on Nigerians to defend themselves against Boko Haram terrorists who had been taking over the nation under cover of a cessation of fire declared by president Jonathan.

More than 100 people were killed and hundreds more injured in multiple bomb attacks at the Central Mosque in Kano on Friday, witnesses say.

The exact number of deaths are still unclear as police have not issued a figure yet.

A spokesperson for the Kano Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Mustapha Abubakar, said police were “still taking stock of the actual persons that have died” and could not give clear figures as of yet.

But witnesses say the attack was so massive the number of deaths is in hundreds. Some witnesses, who helped with rescue before police arrived at the scene, said the figures may be as high as 300.

The Central Mosque is one of the largest worship centres in the city, and is where the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi, usually leads the prayers.

The emir was away in Saudi Arabia when the attack occurred.

The blast occurred as the Chief Imam of the Mosque, Sani Zahradeen, was about to start the prayers.

According to witnesses, three bombs exploded before three armed men opened fire at fleeing worshippers who survived the explosion.

The first bomb, which went up outside the Mosque, sent worshipers running in all directions. The blast was then followed rapidly by two huge explosions, witnesses said.

Shortly after the attacks, hundreds of angry youth took to the streets in protest, pelting police officers and smashing government installations, sparking fears the city may descend into yet another round of religious unrest.

Residents said the youth were angered by the late arrival of soldiers and police at the scene.

According to a witness, the security forces arrived after the gunmen had escaped. The operatives then allegedly opened fire after they were jeered by frustrated worshippers.

The riot has been quelled by the police, a spokesperson for the force, Mr. Abubakar, said.

“We have taken care of the rioting youths and already we have cordoned up the entire place and for now calm has returned to the city as people do go about their businesses,” he said.

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Gory Tales of Kano Central Mosque Bomb Blast

Patches of human flesh were strewn right inside Kano Central Mosque as one of the suicide bombers forced his way into a row of worshipers and detonated a bomb during Fridayprayer today.

Scattered around the three spots where the coordinated explosions occurred, were mangled bodies of worshipers, who were either killed by the explosions or gunshots. Sources say scores of worshipers also died due to stampede.

The bombs began exploding soon after the Imam opened the prayer. The first bomb exploded when one of the suicide bombers sped past worshipers recklessly in a Toyota space wagon, attracting attention. The second one exploded at different location near a line of worshipers, while third one exploded right inside the mosque.

A worshiper says he also sighted two gunmen charging into the mosque, shooting sporadically.

“I saw two gunmen going into the mosque shooting people. One of them was even loading a magazine after exhausting the first one”, said a congregant.

Another witness says apart from the pieces of human bodies he saw on the floor of the mosque, he also spotted human flesh glued to the high-rising frames of the mosque. “Despite the height of the overhead covering of the mosques, I saw patches of blood and human flesh glued to the frames”, says a witness. – AbuSidiqu