150 Die In ‘New Libya’ Wars

April 1st, 2012

MorningStar Almost 150 people have been killed in a desert town in southern Libya following six days of intercommunal strife.

Health Minister Fatma al-Hamroush said at the weekend that fighting in Sabha has also left 395 wounded.

Around 180 people have been transported to Tripoli for emergency treatment, she said.

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The Sabha fighting pits tribes that reportedly had close connections to former Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi against the Tabu tribe, which joined the Nato-backed rebellion that ousted him.

Residents of the oasis say that the rivalry burst into open conflict last Monday after a Tabu man shot a member of the Abu Seif tribe and then a delegation of Tabu elders and armed men going to participate in reconciliation talks was ambushed.

A Tabu chief called on Friday for foreign intervention to halt what he described as “ethnic cleansing.”

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Dozens died in fighting between the Tabu and Arab tribes in Kufra in February.

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