17 Killed As Herders, Farmers Clash In…


It happened in Ivory Coast, suddenly making headlines in various matters of violence lately. As urbanisation complicates natural depletions including erosions and droughts, farmers and herdsmen have been involved in frequent deadly clashes in Ivory Coast as with the rest of Africa.

The West African country ministry of defence, Toh Bi announced the 17 deaths on TV. This was in total contrast to what obtains in Nigeria. Nigerian Security departments believe it is their duty to hide figures of deaths and casualties from the populace who they are actually obliged by the constitution to duly inform.

In Ivory Coast, the minister of defence announced the deadly events that took place between March 23rd and 24th, announcing the total figure dead and that there were 39 casualties too including security officials.

In stark dissimilarity from Nigeria, Ivory Coast also announced that it had immediately deployed 900 troops to contain the crisis. In Nigeria the government first picks its side of the battle then acts or desists from acting, as its choice demands.

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