2016: The Year Americans Discovered That Their Elections Are Rigged [VIDEO]

The purpose of this post is to show the naysayers claiming Martial Law is “never gonna happen” that they might want to re-examine the evidence unfolding to the contrary, and begin to make some preparations. Only someone not paying the slightest bit of attention to “reality” would make a comment so ignorant. If you hear someone say, “Martial Law is never gonna happen,” ask them what they are basing that opinion on? By all means, tell them to indulge…

I suppose everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but if it’s not based on American history, it’s not based on recent laws passed under the Obama Administration, and it’s not based on facts unfolding daily, then why not tell anyone you hear saying that to “pipe down,” and with any luck they’ll go back to whatever they were coloring…

The only type of person who would say such a thing, is a person who has refused to look at the evidence. To those people I ask: Name any example in history, any at all, where contempt prior to investigation led to positive things happening. Between now and November, just about the only thing preventing Obama from postponing the presidential election. and declaring Martial Law would be an act of divine intervention.

In the video below, TruthStreamMedia does a great job pointing out:

Over 500 people have been arrested now for “unlawful demonstration activity” as protests against our rigged presidential election process continue on Capitol Hill this week with over a thousand people showing up in just that one city alone, maybe more. 

Not only did the mainstream media fail to really cover the protests and misrepresent the reason people are protesting when they did cover it for a whole 12 seconds, but the MSM also blacked out the mass arrests, a record for the Capitol, effectively censoring the fact that people are waking up and willing to take a stand against this tyranny so that more Americans don’t join them.

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