2,123 Policemen Protected Jonathan while Robbers Raided Bank – Fashola

2012: Governor Raji Fashola accosts reckless officer


Just like the fall of Monguno in January this year which happened due to president Jonathan’s political campaign visit despite the clear warning of an impending Boko Haram attack; once again president Jonathan has been blamed squarely for diverting security and thus causing deaths of innocent Nigerians.

In the Mongunu case this January, there was a military memo stating the exact days the Boko Haram attack was expected. president Jonathan decided to visit Borno on these days and pulled away the army. It can be recalled that during his visit, Boko Haram was en-route Borno, and killed 17 people in a nearby village; yet Jonathan did not release the soldiers to return to their posts but continued his political campaign. Maiduguri almost fell that January and hundreds were killed and billions lost in property as Monguno fell.

Once again, president Goodluck Jonathan has been accused of leading to a deadly robbery in Lekki Lagos state. Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, on Tuesday said 2, 123 policemen that would have helped to repel the Thursday bank robbery in the state were sent to protect President Goodluck Jonathan along with all the vehicles bought by the state government for the police to be able to respond rapidly to crimes when he visited Lagos. Read that on Punch