22 killed in twin blasts at Maiduguri Monday market

by Maina Maina

Barely one week after a bomb blast killed over 60 persons at the Maiduguri Monday Market, another blast this morning, Monday, killed 22 persons, leaving over 50 critically injured, a hospital source at the Specialist Hospital in Maiduguri, where victims are being evacuated to has told DAILY POST.

The source who said he was not authorized to speak to the Press told our correspondent that, so far, 22 bodies have been confirm dead, while over 50 brought into the hospital are still in critical situation.

” We hope they recover, but I doubt the state of the victims at the moment. We are still waiting as the victims are still being evacuated. I was told it happened around people selling chickens at the Monday Market. I think people have to be very careful this days, especially as we are approaching Christmas and the 2015 elections,” he said.

Speaking with some civil servants at a popular newspaper reading joint in Maiduguri, some of the residents blame politicians for the recent attacks, stating that, if they had allowed full scale state of emergency in the northeast, the situation might not have turned out to be what it is today.

“People are blaming the Presidency for nothing, they forget that even the security chief has advised that a complete state of emergency should be declared in the northeast but our politicians are against it. They are against it because the situation is not affecting them. They have all relocated their families to Abuja, some even to other countries, leaving only the poor to continue to suffer in the hands of the insurgents.

“Look at what happened in Damaturu today, they said the insurgents burnt down Bukar Abba University. They killed many people who went out pray in the mosques. In Maiduguri here, two days ago, they discover some bombs at a mosque in Federal Lowcost and demobilized ithem a day before that, they discovered another bomb at Customs area and demobilized it. These people want to use all the bomb tactics to kill and finish people and our politicians are busy thinking of 2015.

“The situation in Kano did not calm down because after last Friday bomb attack at the Emir Sanusi’s mosque, the people wanted to go and attack Igbo traders in Sabon Gari before they were arrested. I don’t know where politics is taking us to in this country, but it is very unfortunate that some people are not seeing it they way it is going.” Samson Ada said.

Speaking to Kabiru Dauda, a civil servant, he told our correspondent that, the people of Borno were becoming aware by the day on happenings of the insurgents activities and would no longer start to attack people of other faith or non indigenes in the state due to the crisis. “Everybody has had it bad, except those who are living outside Maiduguri. While we blame our politicians, I believe we should do more of prayers because these people are aiming at destroying the country. It is not about Borno. It is going places now, so let’s pray more.”

For now, there is tension everywhere and members of the vigilante group, Civilian JTF are on the streets for stop and search operation as parents were seen rushing to schools to pick their wards.