3 Dead in Boko Haram Bomb Blasts At Damboa Road, Maiduguri

Dalori between Konduga and Maiduguri


Multiple bomb blasts were felt during night prayers in Suleimanti, Damboa road Maiduguri, Sunday night.

According to the Civilian-JTF, only the bombers died though other conflicting reports say three innocent victims were among the dead.

Images received showed two torn up men. NewsRescue refrains from publishing gruesome pictures especially of dead who may be victims.

The images received form the Civilian-JTF were of two very torn up victims, looking emaciated and without typical bomb materials within the images of their mangled bodies as captured. We cannot confirm if they are the perpetrators or victims though the Civilian-JTF said the two in the images received are likely the perpetrators at a bomb site.

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