30 Holes In Arms/Smuggling CAN Jet Racket: Cashless and CashFool

  1. They needed weapons for fighting Boko Haram or whatever it is government does with arms purchased from foreign countries.
  2. Now, our President alone owns about 10 jets on his fleet and is asking for one more. And don’t we have hundreds of military planes that could have been sent on such a mission.
  3. OritsejafornJonaThe government could have chartered a cargo plane. Even if it didn’t trust Arik because of the row with Omojuwa over his Ipad, there are still reputable cargo airlines out there. Afterall, $9.3m is bigger than an Ipad.
  4. Our government then decides to charter a private jet from a company who then leased the jet from a company in which Pastor Oristejafor has ‘’Residual Interest.’’
  5. Bear in mind that Pastor Oristejafor is Our President’s (The owner of the Nigerian government’’ close friend and spiritual adviser).
  6. Those kind of coincidences are what makes conspiracy theorists like me make a living.
  7. So the Nigerian government conveniently forgets to tell the SA Government about the arrival of our arms money in its territory. Horrible oversight?
  8. So pronto! $9.3m is loaded into the jet that Pastor Oritsejafor has ‘’residual interest’’ in.
  9. Again we must remember that since Pastor Oristejafor has only ‘’residual interest’’ in the company, he doesn’t need to know what activities the jet is used for.
  10. Pastor Oristejafor got said jet as a birthday gift from his ‘’Church Members’’ who are so blessed by the good pastors lifestyle and anointing.
  11. Plane moves from Abuja on the 6th of September 2014 for south Africa carrying two Nigerian civilians and one Israeli with links to Mossad.
  12. The flight crew is instructed to wait on the tarmac and bring back both men and weapons to Abuja by the 7th.
  13. Now this method of getting Weapons is totally different from the original method employed by countries who sell arms to each other.
  14. Panama $7 million drug dealer airport sieze
    Panama $7 million drug dealer airport sieze

    The method employed by the Nigerian government to get these arms is one used usually by gang leaders and terrorists.

  15. Since we can’t buy weapons ourselves, we decided to get an Israeli to help us. As the Israelis too beg us to help them get weapons into their country.
  16. The cashless policy we just introduced doesn’t stop us from carrying much liquid cash around.
  17. $9.3million in Cash, jet, two Nigerian civilians and an Israeli are detained on arrival in South Africa.
  18. Sahara reporters break news and most of political sitting-on-the-fence-twitter said it was a lie straight from the pit of hell.
  19. The Nigerian government finally wakes up from its slumber and remembered it sent a jet, N9.3m and three people to South Africa.
  20. Ayo Orsitejafor finally remembers his Jet is missing and identifies the one Sahara reporters are reporting as his.
  21. The Nigerian government finally owns up to its mistake. The money is theirs; the jet is for a company that leased it from another company that Pastor Oristejafor has interests in. Residual interests.
  22. CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) isn’t the owner of the seized jet but releases a statement anyways blaming the trio of Nasir El-rufai, Lai Mohammed and Sahara Reporters for the woes of its president.
  23. Olisah Metuh
    Olisah Metuh

    Press release looks like it was drafted in Wadata Plaza by Olisa Metuh because it comes with the accompanying bitterness that Metuh is known for.

  24. The Nigerian government absolves Pastor Oristejafor of all crimes. After all he is a man of God.
  25. Fuel scarcity hits the capital city and most states. A bomb goes off in s lecture hall in Kano
  26. No one bothered to ask what is a pastor’s business in business
  27. A bomb goes off in s lecture hall in Kano
  28. That is the Nigerian Government’s story and they are sticking to it.
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  32. Change is needed. Stop electing idiots!