32 Boko Haram Terrorists Killed and 3 Officers Die in Ramadan-end Borno Violence

Aug. 5, 2013

NewsRescue– In violence apparently promised by Boko Haram, to be launched at the ending of the Ramadan Muslim holy month, insurgent campaigns led to the deaths of 17 and 15 terrorists in two cities and one police officer and 2 soldiers.

According to PremiumTimes:

Mr. Musa said “troops have successfully repelled Boko Haram terrorists attack on Mobile Police Base and Bama town.”

“Terrorists using sophisticated weapons and Improvised Explosive Devices launched attacks at about 6:45am on 4th August, 2013′.

“The encounter led to the death of one policeman and 17 Boko Haram Terrorists; two soldiers were also wounded,” he said.

Mr. Musa also said two soldiers were killed when Boko Haram staged another attack on the operatives of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF). The soldiers were able to kill15 Boko Haram terrorists during the attack, he added.

He said the attack took place “about 10am on 4th August, 2013 when some Boko Haram Terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons attacked MNJTF location at Malum Fatori.”

The military said normalcy had returned to the two towns.