4 Months Firing #GrassCutter Babachir: “Buhari Does Things Like An Old Man” – Femi Adesina [VIDEO]


Speaking on Channels TV Sunrise Daily Friday, Senior Special Assistant to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, when asked why it took the president 4 months to fire Babachir Lawal, said Buhari is an old man who takes his time.

“The president as I have told you before is a man who does things after really considering all sides of the coin. he is a man who takes his time, who acts on the side of caution.”

Asked that Buhari only takes his time when it concerns those around him does, he replied:

“It is not true, in everything, in everything. He does so in everything and he too has said it. When he came 32, 33 years ago, he was 42 years and you know how he did things. He did things like a young man. But now he is 74 and he does things like the old man that he is. Sees all sides of the coin, hears all sides of the argument and painstakingly…”

Femi Adesina was further prodded on why the president acted seemingly fast for the NIA case of the looting of $50 million, compared to his slow pace on SGF Lawal Babachir. To which the SSA gave an unaccepted answer that “this was the time the president felt it ripe to make a panel once and for all to kill two birds with a stone.”

The Lagos studio asked what had changed that suddenly made Buhari remove Babachir. To which the SSA responded that Babachir Lawal was not removed but suspended only to allow investigation.

Again the SSA was prodded on why the EFCC, ICPC and other agencies were not competent enough to handle the SGF and NIA investigation and a panel had to be set up, to which he responded that “it is as the government wishes.”