460 Million Total: World Economic Forum Depopulation Agenda [Video]

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) attempted to provide “context” after billionaire and new Twitter owner Elon Musk criticized the organization’s overpopulation “philosophy,” which he said would lead to the “death of civilization.”

Musk made the remarks in reaction to a tweet on Wednesday by Wall Street Silver emphasizing the World Economic Forum’s “depopulation program.” The World Economic Forum has long held that purported “overpopulation” undermines world stability. The organization promotes extensive birth control and abortion access in order to reportedly improve social circumstances, notably for women and girls in developing nations.

Wall Street Silver’s tweet on Wednesday contained a short video clip of famed primatologist Jane Goodall, who told the World Economic Forum during a panel discussion in January 2020 that many of the world’s issues could be fixed if human population rates were dramatically reduced.

“We cannot avoid human population growth because it underpins so many other issues,” she told the organization. “All of these issues we discuss would not be a concern if the population was the same as it was 500 years ago.”

“[F]or context, the population was 460 million at the time,” Wall Street Silver noted on Wednesday. Last month, the global population apparently surpassed 8 billion.

According to Wall Street Silver, it’s not “overpopulation” but an imminent “population collapse” amid “low birth rates” that will be the “true challenge” for the world’s future.

Musk responded to the tweet by saying that Goodall’s belief that the world would be better off with a far smaller population is “the death of humanity.”

Musk, who has ten children with three separate women, has long claimed that overpopulation is a fiction. He labeled low birth rates “one of the greatest threats to civilization” last year.

“There aren’t enough people,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

However, the World Economic Forum jumped in on Thursday to contradict the “conspiracy theorists” who they claimed were reacting to Goodall’s population statements.

The World Economic Forum published a Politifact piece from July in a tweet, attempting to dismiss theories that Goodall made the words in regard to the purported intentional development of COVID-19 for depopulation objectives.

PolitiFact stated that Goodall was not directly referring to COVID-19 and that she had been making similar comments about overpopulation for “decades.”

Commenters responding to the WEF’s post noted that, regardless of whether COVID was intended developed for population control, the fundamental concern is that the WEF and its acolytes have long called for a severe reduction in population increase.

“This isn’t what Musk was disputing,” one Twitter user pointed out, calling the World Economic Forum’s “fact-check” “disingenuous.”

“Regardless of the origin of COVID-19, the de-population drive advocated by persons like Goodall, Bill Gates, and others is anti-human and founded on incorrect premises,” LifeSite’s Andreas Wailzer commented. “And your ‘fact check’ offers no counter-arguments.”

Goodall’s remarks on human population echoed those of fellow WEF favorite Bill Gates, who has also said that limiting the planet’s population growth will be required to maintain sustainability.

Meanwhile, PolitiFact’s comments on COVID-19 come at a time when many people believe the virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and then either unintentionally or deliberately unleashed.

While some research imply that SARS-CoV-2 originated naturally, some scientists contend that there is evidence that the virus was generated purposefully. Even mainstream organizations have come around to the idea that the virus may not have originated naturally.