50 Lawyers Set To Prosecute Boko Haram Sponsors, Ihejirika, Sheriff- Nigeria Bar Association

Nigerian army chief, general Azubuike Ihejirika named as sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist organisation

nigeria barrThe chairman of Maiduguri’s Nigeria Bar Association has said that 50 lawyers have threatened to drag the former chief of army staff, Lt Gen. Azubuke Iheijerika and Senator Ali Modu Sheriff before International Criminal Court at the Hague, if Nigeria’s government fails to investigate the allegations of Boko haram financing levied against them by Mr. Stephen Davis.

Abdulwasiu Alfa, Chairman of Nigeria Bar Association Maiduguri branch, informed the association that at least 50 private lawyers had committed to prosecuting the case  at the ICC, pro bono.

modu sheriff arrested“The Federal Government should act now. If it fails, we shall after 21 days from today, give effect to our undertaking to initiate criminal proceedings before the office of the chief prosecutor of ICC to investigate these allegations. We strongly believe only a court can declare a person innocent or guilty. This can only be done when such person is properly investigated and possibly arraigned before a court.”

Chairman Abdulwasiu Alfa  also declared that no Nigerian was above the law must be manifestly seen to be done.

He added, “if any thing the revelation by Mr Davies has confirmed the long conclusion by Nigerians involvements of Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff and Rt Gen. Azubuke Ihejirika as sponsor, faciltator and masterminds of Boko haram sect.”

“If the Nigeria Government fails to thoroughly investigate the duo of Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff and retired general Ihejirika Azubuke, we shall mobilize our knowledge, skills and resources to initiate or commence criminal proceedings before the ICC for the heinous crimes committed against humanity by the sect and their sponsor” added Chairman Abdulwasiu Alfa.