50 Reasons Why Transparency Is Correct On Nigeria’s Worsened Corruption Under Buhari

Nigeria slipped 12 places according to Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption perception. Dropping one point from 28 to 27/100, the nation slumped from 136th it held at in 2015 and 2016 to a shameful 148th in terms of corruption.

Nigeria was ranked 143rd in 2011, 139th in 2012, fell to 144th in 2013, but rose to 136 in 2014, one of its highest ratings before the latest tank.

The summary of the study result is that “goodwill” and “dressing” is not enough to govern a nation. People read and feel the actual reality and can only be hoodwinked and reassured so much.

Corruption in Nigeria appears to have only changed hands from a more diversified cabal under Jonathan to a “Kaduna mafia” cabal under Buhari.

In September of 2017 I published a “To Do List” of Buhari’s failures to practice what he touts as his best credential, his so-called anti-corruption posture. Hardly a single item on that list has been rectified. (http://ends.ng/buharis-to-do-list/)

I present below 28 items on that list plus 22 more, which easily demonstrates why Nigerians have lost hope in the current administration as the recent ratings demonstrate.

*Buhari’s Unattended To Do List*

1. Publicly declare his assets with official release verified by CCB.

2. Bring Dasuki to court and prosecute him.

3. End medical tourism with setting personal example.

4. Prosecute Babachir Lawal indicted in Grasscutter looting from IDP scandal.

5. Prosecute NIA boss Ayodele Oke and wife over $43 million Ikoyi stash.

6. Lock up a single looter cabal.

7. Prosecute Goodluck Jonathan for corruption, crimes against humanity.

8. Try Ibrahim Babangida, Obasanjo, Abdulsalami and other leaders for corruption, crimes against humanity.

9. Release list of looters who refunded some money to the government with amount looted and deal brokered.

10. Proceed with the Halliburton looting scandal allegedly involving Atiku, OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalami and others.

11. Clean up the Niger Delta.

12. Promote modular refineries in the Niger Delta.

13. Name and prosecute a single cabal sponsor of Boko Haram.

14. Investigate Buratai over the Dubai properties and other millions of dollars assets in Nigeria.

15. Investigate Fashola over Lagos million dollar borehole and hundreds of thousands of dollars personal website scandals.

16. Open up on Dambazzau’s alleged removal from the Arms Panel corruption report.

17. Investigate Dangote, Saraki and others listed in the Panama Papers report.

18. Act on the report of the Kaduna Judicial Inquiry on the Zaria massacre.

19. Obey the court order to release Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat.

20. Investigate Kaduna state government’s admission of funding Fulani terrorists involved in massacres in Nigeria.

21. Probe Kano government over unconditional pre-trial release of suspects in murder of Mrs. Bridget Agbahime.

22. Probe Borno governor Kashim Shettima over statements that he knows sponsors of Boko Haram but will not release them to protect heads from rolling.

23. Probe government prosecution for setting Senator Ndume free by not bringing witnesses Konduga, Namadina Sambo and Adoke to court for his case of alleged Boko Haram sponsorship.

24. Probe Godwin Emefiele over FOREX subsidy scam that is worse than previous administration’s fuel subsidy scam

25. Probe and prosecute former security chiefs and current army chief Buratai, then procurement head, over Boko Haram proliferation, looting of funds for military and war against Boko Haram.

26. Release lists of victims in the Zaria massacre, Abia massacre, Onitsha massacre and Umuahia massacres.

27. Exhume and investigate the military-murdered corpses in the mass government-dug graves Zaria, Onitsha and Abia.

28. Investigate details of the “illegal” amnesty granted by the military to Boko Haram terrorists without approval by the Council of State as constitutionally demanded.

*Updates to To Do List:*

29. Suspend towards arresting and investigating Nigeria’s highly dangerous Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami implicated in multiple cases of grand corruption and abuse of office.

30. Produce indicted Abdulrasheed Maina given police protection.

31. Suspend SSS boss Lawal Daura for multiple cases of alleged conspiracy with the corrupt and armed obstruction of justice.

32. Produce Nnamdi Kanu and his father who disappeared and are suspected to have been killed or abducted by the Nigerian army during the September 2017 raid of their family home.

33. Suspend NSA Babagana Monguno and reveal details of payments to Boko Haram terrorists, while also  probing allegations of the N1.1 billion supposedly used to clean his office.

34. Arrest violent leaders of Miyetti Allah herder terrorists and leaders of armed Farmer terrorists.

35. Produce budget breakdown of Governors-approved $1 billion “for war against Boko Haram.”

36. Suspend and probe the Minister of Petroleum (who happens to be the president himself).

37. Arrest those involved in the diversion of 4500 petroleum tankers.

38. Reveal the list of Kaduna mafia linked cabal companies involved in the new secret oil subsidy billion dollar hustle.

39. Suspend and probe Chief of Staff Abba Kyari for his alleged role in the MTN millions of dollars bribe scandal, the oil wells scandals and current fuel scarcity new secret oil subsidy scam and TSA avoidance N50 billion scam among many corruption allegations too numerous to list.

40. Suspend NNPC GMD Baru for serious infraction allegations by junior minister Ibe Kachikwu; for the oil subsidy scam, the oil swap scam and other scandals fleecing the nation of billions of dollars while promoting fuel scarcity.

41. Suspend Police IGP Idris for numerous undefended allegations by Senator Misau ranging from office sex to police subversion.

42. Reform Nigeria’s police force, ranked worst in the world which currently corruptly allocates 80% of its staff to protect the cabal and leaves a shoddy 20% not to protect the citizenry but largely to extort commuters for money via terror with loaded weapons.

43. Disband and reconstitute SARS rapid response squad exposed and implicated in various acts of corruption and frank terror.

44. Probe and reform INEC and local electoral bodies accused of allowing underage voting.

45. Suspend, arrest and investigate all those implicated in the “missing NIA $44 million.”

46. Suspend the NIA new boss Ahmed Rufa’i Abubakar while probing the many allegations including nepotism, corruption, mediocrity in his appointment and even questions of his nationality.

47. Reveal the full budget and details of the Council of State (excluding Babangida and Jonathan) just approved $1 billion for Fulani herdsmen and “agriculture.”

48. While suspending and investigating the police chief for “aiding” terror by declaring he will not pursue the Benue killers, to actually send to police to arrest all above-the-law terrorists involved in the Benue and other killings.

49. Probe and severely deal with all those and all levels involved in the propagation of the dangerous and deadly fake news of the so-called rescue after the recent abduction of Dapchi 94 girls in Yobe.

50. Address CBN and banks combined conspiracy involving the defrauding of customers of trillions in various transaction fines and FOREX withdrawal and wire fees/fines.

These and many more are the things Nigerians are seeing and the reason why the veil has lifted and Buhari is now being seen by the populace as a partner in corruption and no less corrupt than any previous cabal in power.

Complied by Dr. Perry Brimah; of @CabalMustGo movement on Whatsapp +234-903-420-3031;  +1-929-427-5305