500 Days! Obey Court #FreeZakzaky, Zeenat Protests Sweep Abuja


Wednesday, the 500th day since Muslim Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat were detained without charged, Nigerians stormed Abuja Unity fountain to protest for their release.

Championed by Concerned Nigerians’ Deji Adeyanju and Prof. John DanFulani, Nigerians protested the government being in contempt of court order that expired January 16th enforcing freedom for Zakzaky and wife Zeenat.

The United States government has asked the Nigerian government to act on the stipulations of its own Judicial inquiry panel that prescribed punitive measures for implicated army officials. No army official of government official has yet been punished for the December 2015 Zaria massacre that saw as many as 1000 Muslims killed by an overhanded action of the Nigerian army with a confession that 350 bodies were secretly buried at night.

Exposing the mass grave at Mando cemetery, Amnesty international and other human right groups have sharply rebuked the Nigerian government for the atrocities.