6 year Old Boy Sodomized in Ghana

Mar. 1, 2014


Ghanaian police were called to a case of a 6 year old boy brought to the hospital in Accra for sodomy. The boy had been sodomized by two 14 year old’s who in turn alleged being sodomized by some elders.

There are reports of 3-5 cases of infant and child sexual abuse in hospitals in the country capital. Most cases of abuse are girls, ages as low as between 2-5 years. Some cases are of abuse by peers while others are from elders.

It is not conclusive whether better awareness is increasing the reporting and exposure of sexual abuse, or if it is on the increase, however doctors at the hospital complained that the frequency had increased and was disturbing.

The abused boy said he was taken to the bathroom to be molested. HIV tests are being conducted on him.