A New Naked Standard in Western Media: Are Your Kids Ready?

Apr. 24, 2013

CNN’s headline article today talked about Gwyneth Paltrow being named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. This along side another woman, Beyonce, one of the worlds greatest exhibitionists.

But what was most striking about the article was the plain display of nakedness on a “reputable” globally publicly available media, with no age or parental restrictions on the article.

It seems, naked has a new definition in the new world media. Naked only applies when the privates are exposed, and privates no longer include breasts and butt, they are now strictly the nipples only and the interior of the female reproductive organ and possibly the male penis only. All else is public and not “being naked.” Forgive us for being so bare, it is hard to define what is happening in any less expressive way.

The question is – are our children who read the news, ready and prepped for the new naked? And what is left of a woman’s worth?

Here are more images from CNN’s headline article. We covered them up with black blebs for sanity:

new-naked2 new-naked4 new-naked3 new-naked