A Word For The 5% States Who ‘Didn’t Vote Buhari’


Are you the 5% states, where 95% of your votes went to the tyrannical, colonial-minded, madly corrupt, megalomaniacal, depredatory, marauding, raptorial kakistocratic government of Jonathan, Diezani and Ngozi to continue depriving and dismembering us?

Well, in the past, after the elections, in a widely published piece, here is the God-honest truth I had to say about those who actually voted for Jonathan: “Only The Wicked, Misled And Criminals Voted For Jonathan, By Dr. Peregrino Brimah, Saharareporters.”

Am I being divisive?, no, I am being dead honest. “Honest” is one of the new words Nigerians are learning this new dispensation. As well as the apparently crucial words, “integrity” and “character.” Now that is real transformation we need.

Your Votes Were Plundered

But the reality, as we published based on a post election poll is that your states were not so callous and suicidal, actually, but from the post-poll survey we found that like everything else in our violated and traumatized nation, your votes were wholesomely plundered. The study found for instance as its caption says: “58% Igbos Voted For Buhari – Post Election Survey – ENDS post election survey.”

ENDS post election poll suggests more Igbo voted Buhari
ENDS post election poll suggests more Igbo voted Buhari

So while the hard-to-love-equally verdict remains for those who did vote for Jonathan. And in all honesty as Buhari did say, and from the history of politics as Nigeria has had it, with Lagos for instance, an opposition state always being deprived for not voting Obasanjo and Jonathan; it is hard for a human to love those who overwhelmingly – if they actually did – voted to give another year to RIPs, Robbers In Power; BUT Buhari said in his remaining sentences that the constitution does not allow him not love you and nor does his inauguration oath.

What The Jonathanians Left out Of Buhari’s 97% / 5% Statement:

The fading-out Jonathanian/PDP species has not given up yet. Though almost extinct, this shameless species, a putrid carcass rejected by God as their own Femi Fani Olukayode calls them; that pertinaciously believes in the promulgation of blatant lies and the unwearying plundering of the promise of the helpless, once again abridged and maliciously distorted the honest submission of Mr. President.

They malevolently cut his response to a question on inclusiveness, at the half way point where he theorized the obvious and before he rehashed his oath and commitment to his people.

It was one speech and one delivery with no pause. Here is where they stopped:

“I hope you have a copy of the election results. Literally constituencies, for example, that gave me 97 per cent, cannot in all honesty be treated, on some issues, The same way as some constituencies that gave me five per cent. I think these are political realities [As PDP did to Lagos for most of 16 years]. While certainly there will be justice for everybody; everybody will enjoy their constitutional rights, where the party in constituencies that by either sheer hard work made sure they got their people [to vote] and ensure their votes count, they must feel that the government has appreciated the effort they put in putting the government in place. I think this is really fair…”

*Parenthesis insert is mine.

And here is what he went on to say without pause, what they mischievously leave out:

“…[but] by the constitution, no state can be excluded from government, so there is no way even if I were to show gratitude to those constituencies that voted heavily for me against those that didn’t even vote for me, they have the protection of the government. And I have made an undertaking that I belong to everybody, I belong to no body. If I come clearly and marginalize a certain group because they didn’t vote for me then I have already contradicted myself and I am sure people will be quick to pick that against me.”

You are urged to watch the entire short, 4-minute video: https://youtu.be/paLHi4ieE7A

So the question I leave with you the reader is: pray tell, how easy and possible is it for a human being, made of this mere flesh and bones, to love such vermin, such gnats that again and again connive, lie and undermine your honest desire to give hope to your people and propagate such lies? Can you honestly say you can love them equally? We must thank God Buhari has promised that he will do the impossible.

EFCC, Daura, over to you.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian