The abducted Chibok girls will be returned in ‘pieces’

July 12, 2014

By Comr,Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

While it has been three 3 months since our Chibok girls were abducted by the dreaded gang, masquerading as Boko haram, the federal govt of Nigeria whose sole soul of governance is engraved in its responsibility of providing unsolicited but guaranteed protection for all lives including the life of a Nigerian donkey from harm or maltreatment, the security of all citizens irrespective of their religious, ethical or geographical locations, have failed in totality to live to its utmost sacred well provided provisions of protection to life of our dare school girls. 

The federal govt have since lived in denial of the abduction only to realize its true nature at the point when it was too late. It is only in Nigeria in the history of the world that almost 300 girls were cleanly abducted at a swoop with an emergency rule in place, yet 3 months have already gone and our girls are yet not in sight.

We believed in our minds of their release during the Boko haram conference in France, only to understand that neo-colonial France have since instructed our president to call off the exchange that would have since set our girls free. The girls were at the verge of been set free when the Nigerian commander-in-chief called home to say ‘not yet’ don’t release them, on some lazy excuse of ‘never negotiate with terrorist’. This goes in conformity with El-Zakzaky’s claims, that the girls are in custody of the military.

Not minding the traumas of sleepless nights of the parents, concerned individuals and organizations who daily advocated for the rescue of the girls, our ‘president’ called off the exercise. 

On may 27th the Nigerian Defense chief says they had located the abducted Chibok girls,only to announce many weeks later of their reasons why they are yet to storm Sambisa forest to rescue the girls ,in their own words -«if we force our way there, they will kill them» While we are yet to comprehend the zigzag, our ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo at this juncture dropped the bomb that DYNAMITE not only the heart of the parents of the abducted girls but all Nigerians in which he emphasized that the girls might not be released now or may only be released on the basis of being pregnant.

Prof, Oyesoji Aremu is a professor of counseling and criminal justice who also shared his thoughts on the abducted girls in which he reiterated that even if the girls are released they will live to hate schooling, meaning they are psychologically deformed, they will require counseling and rehabilitation.

While all the saga is taking place the presidency was in total denial of the issue which lead to the episode of ‘Daris God ooh’. The first lady in full glare denying the abduction on television,while at the same time strategizing to blame the Borno state governor to provide the girls or be hanged. 

The request and efforts of the HUNTERS and ENDS (every Nigerian do something) lead by my humble friend Dr ,Peregrino Brimah to storm the Sambisa forest and free the girls were all rejected on the excuse that the forest is MINED, but surprisingly, many of the already escaped girls and 63 more other abducted women pass through the forest haggardly without any lost limb or amputated knees.

While also, the parents of the girls have proclaimed their readiness to go and die in Sambisa forest in an effort to free the girls, the only feed back we get was the council of state meeting statement on the 11th July that the govt are happy they know where the girls are. What an insult, or less, adding salt to the injury. Though not really a big deal because none of their daughters is among the helpless girls. 

The presidential fact finding committee have since inject some sense into the president in hibernation by informing Nigerians that «the committee here wish to lay to rest any residual doubt whether or not any student was been abducted at Chibok» the chairman of the committee Brig-Gen Ibrahim Sabo (rtd) further stated that 219 students out of 276 abducted students are still in captivity. While we were about to assimilate this information, the first lady was back in another episode of this great film in which she claimed that she had no SEX with the president since the abduction. What immorality! What a country! Well that is how we roll. In our contemplation of whether to laugh or to cry, Senator Zanna was in the US a week ago ,what he said really killed our spirit. He said the girls are daily gang raped as confirmed by some of the escaped girls. He further insisted that the girls are been killed, though yet to be confirm these have convincingly informed our suspicion that the abducted Chibok girls will be returned in pieces or better still the Nigerian govt should inform us that YES your girls will be returned, but will be return in PIECES. 

Comr, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta [email protected] 

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