ABUJA: Habiba Shaba Ibrahim Missing! By Aisha Alubankudi

Habiba and daughter

By Aisha Alubankudi,

Habiba Shaba Ibrahim is been missing since yesterday.

Her car broke down on her way back home to Kubuwa. She parked it at her inlaw’s house and decided to take a taxi home but she never got home. Her family has been expecting her since yesterday.

She left a 3 year old at home and she is 5 months pregnant.

Habiba and daughter
Habiba and daughter


Please help with your prayers and vigilance.

Habiba is a very active and intelligent member of another group I belong to.

This is very personal and close to my heart.

Allah Ka ji kan mu ha dan halin mu ba Kuma ba dan ayyukan mu ba Ya Allah sai dan Rahamar Ka

Anyone with useful info should reach FCT NPF on the following Lines: 08057000001, 08057000002 and 08057000003