The Abuse Of Our Youth By The Interior Ministry – APC Youth Forum

Mar. 19, 2014


Last Weekend, Nigeria was thrown into mourning as over 20 of our youth were sent to the great beyond due to incompetency of the current administration.
There are no soft or pleasant words to describe the events of Saturday March 15th 2014, a date Nigerian youths will never forget.
Nigerian Immigration Service intending job seekers were humiliated in a shoddy job application process, as close to a million of us selected for the interview were herded like sheep to be slaughtered into various stadiums across the country in a process that defies logic and demeans human life.
unemployment dayThe events of this past weekend inasmuch as they portray the carelessness, greed and lack of sensitivity of the interior ministry; go further to elucidate the greater unemployment problem this nation faces after 14 years of PDP rule. Despite the sustained elevated price of oil, Nigerian youth remain one of the most unemployed in the world, with over 80% not having gainful employment.
There are no opportunities for the talented youth of this nation and many are forced into criminal acts due to the government abandonment. But it is most painful that the government can go so low as to deceive millions of unemployed youths with invite to write “recruitment test” for vacancy of 3000, thus obtaining illegal revenue worth billions in the name of application “processing fee”.
The All Progressive Youth Forum (APC Youths), condemns the abuse of the nation’s youth. We in no ambiguous terms, rebuke the interior minister and private collaborators, culpable in the perpetuation of this despicable act.
We call on the President of Nigeria to thoroughly investigate the killing of Nigerian unemployed youths, vis-a-vis the irresponsible statement from the minister of Interior who blamed the deaths on the deceased.
Mr. President must check his regime by suspending or sacking those who have cause us this great agony in the interest of the peaceful continuity of his government and the prosperity of the nation.
The youth are the power of this great country.
Segun Dada                                                                                  Mohammed Brimah
Interim Chairman, APYF Lagos.                                  Interim Secretary, APYF Lagos