ACF Calls For Probe Into Sources Of Boko Haram Funding, And Logistics

Apr. 21, 2014

SaharaReporters, New York

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF,) on Monday reacted to recent allegations of “confusion and arrogance” by Governor Murtala Nyako, of Adamawa state, by the Federal Government, while acts of genocide continue in the north.

The ACF in a press statement issued by their national publicity secretary, Alhaji Muhammadu Ibrahim, insisted that the Federal Government must probe into the governor’s allegations to discover the sources of Boko Haram’s funding, logistics and also their sponsors.

Jonathan_Diezani1The organization publicly wonders why the Boko Haram is able carry out their sporadic attacks successfully, despite claims by the military of capturing the insurgents, and confiscating over 700 of their vehicles.

The statement read in part, “Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa stated in a letter dated 16th April and sent to the Governors of Northern States (had) accused the “Federal Government of genocide against the people of the North. He alleges that the Federal Government has failed to arrest the mindless slaughter, and indiscriminate bloodletting by the Boko Haram insurgents, and other terrorist groups, which is a clear and systematic effort to destroy the Northern population for partisan political advantage.

“ACF had in the last six years expressed serious concern on the spate of killings and destruction of property by the Boko Haram insurgents, and other criminals in the North, especially in the North east region. It had also appealed to (the) Government at various levels on the need to adequately equip and fund its military, and other security personnel, to tackle the insecurity challenges bedeviling the North, unfortunately the measures employed by Government, including a state of emergency, have not yielded the desired result, hence the incessant attacks and kidnaping of innocent people by the insurgents and unknown gunmen.

“The scale and sophistication of the attacks being waged by the insurgents against (vulnerable and) armless people, who do not even know, or understand, their grievance is beyond the capacity of the semi-illiterate almajiri (boko haram) that we know. It would be recalled that not long ago, our Military command informed the world that it had found and destroyed over 700 vehicles belonging to the insurgents in one of their camps, so as to wither the fighting being waged by the Boko haram insurgents, how come the killings and kidnappings have continued to be on the increase especially in the North east region?

“ACF had earlier called on the Government to thoroughly investigate the source of funds, arms and ammunition the insurgents have in carrying on with their deadly acts of terrorism against the people without much resistance from our security forces deployed in the affected states. Therefore, Governor Nyako being a victim of the calamity that have afflicted the Northern states, is only expressing the frustrations being felt by other victims. ACF therefore calls on the Federal Government to urgently investigate the allegations made by Governor Nyako, especially the (financial) support being enjoyed by the insurgents from third parties within, and outside (of) Nigeria in order to get to the root of this insecurity ravaging the North.”

The Arewa Consultative Forum’s press release over the governor’s allegations of confusion and arrogance on the part of federal officials adds further fuel to an argument already brewing. The timing of their statement coming just days before northern governors meet in the federal capital will only bring more focus to issues of not only residents of the northern states, but to the Nigerian society at large.