Acid Foam Rains In China

As always, when you’re up in the middle of the night searching for truth and debunking trolls, you’ll come across a rare jewel of information. Tonight as I contemplated doing my Jade Helm report that I’ve been promising, I decided to check some Youtube channels out that I’ve been subscribed to for a while. After getting stuck on Lee Camp videos for about 30 minutes, I found myself clicking on Paul Begley’s channel. If you’ve followed Independent Media for any amount of time you know who Pastor Begley is. He is one of the most colorful end-time prophecy YouTubers out there. His loyal fanbase always sends him updated information from around the world.

While on the Pastor’s channel I noticed that he just uploaded a video titled “URGENT: “Mysterious Acid Foam Rain” China” … After watching the following video, I believe that viewers will have a better understanding of why there isn’t better National coverage on China devastating “accident”. Though there will undoubtedly be more questions than answers for a while, I think we can all agree that the investigation is now truly beginning… People know when they an “official narrative” is being forced on them. Is that what’s happening now with our media? Have we been force fed an official narrative without all the facts? Wouldn’t be the first time…

But there are more questions… What is this substance falling in China? Did the US or another country use advanced technology to cause a catastrophe? Why is the media so silent on delivering the facts? We need answers… And we’re going to need them soon. Final Questions… What if China does conclude that it was attacked by the United States? Whether that’s true or not, how will they respond? ~Sincere

Source: (Before It’s News)