Adamawa: How Ribadu And His Brothers Sold The Peoples’ Consciences


While Adamawa state gubernatorial contestant Nuhu Ribadu’s elder brother, Bashir Suleiman was clashing with youth in the state, trying to force them to vote for Goodluck Jonathan and ripping down banners of President-elect Muhammadu Buhari in their ward, Bako, the aspirant’s junior brother was similarly inducing youth with juicy promises of financial reimbursement if they could deliver Adamawa to Jonathan and then Nuhu.

Sani Ahmadu Ribadu as we earlier reported is coordinator of the Goodluck/Ribadu campaign.

In spite of the Adamawa almost being lost to Boko Haram with Mubi one of the most prosperous cities in Nigeria losing bhundreds of lives as well as billions in property, with the terrorists loading over 90 trucks of Mubi welfare and carting this across Nigeria’s border, the Ribadu brothers purchased 251,664 votes for the Jonathan administration that signed the phony ceasefire and lied about it while allowing Adamawa fall under Boko Haram. Had the hunters not freed Mubi and proven that Boko Haram can easily be defeated, perhaps the entire Adamawa would be a Shekau ‘caliphate’ today. And this is what the Ribadu brothers are heavily invested in… it is their dream for Adamawa.


Armed with the list of voters’ names and their contact information, PDP agents have been sent out across the state to persuade potential voters to sell their votes at N10,000 a piece.

Voters being induced are required to take an oath on the Quran or Bible depending on their faith and commit to vote PDP candidates, Goodluck Jonathan for president and Nuhu Ribadu for governor in the general elections of March 28th and April 11th.

The brother of the Adamawa gubernatorial candidate, Sani Ahmadu Ribadu who was the former chairman of Yola south is the chairman of the voter purchasing committee.

According to our veritable sources, 100 people each have been delegated to each ward in Adamawa state to purchase voters. These make up the delivery teams.

Each delivery team member has been promised N500,000 in forms they filled if they deliver the state to the PDP.

All members are made to swear on the Quran and Bible.

The PDP has promised that money is not the problem and they will all be given as much money as they dream of if they deliver the state to Jonathan and Ribadu.

Though General Buhari won Adamawa state because of the many Nigerians who refused to sell their votes and freedom to the Ribadus and stood on a clear conscience, this team was successful in buying the consciences of too many sons of the Plateaus.

We were reliably informed that Goodluck Jonathan promised Nuhu that if he could deliver he will make him the president in 2019. We wonder if the ‘messiah’ Goodluck will be able to fulfill the promise from Otuueke.

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