Adamawa: Ibn Fadlallah’s Armed Civilian Forces Proceed North And South To Sack Boko Haram


Ibn Fadlallah People's resistance Forces
Ibn Fadlallah People’s Resistance Forces

The amazing Azzubair Ibn Fadlallah legions who in the past two days devastated Boko Haram, expelling them from Mahia, Mubi and environs is proceeding north and south to Gombi to clear out the terrorists.

Boko Haram had occupied all north of Adamawa state but as the brave civilian forces led by its mystical general sacked them from the center, they were forced to flee north and south. The civilian forces made up of hunters, vigilantes, Civilian-JTF, ex force men and responsible soldiers from the Nigerian army are determined to bring an end to the terror occupation of the northeast that the Jonathan government has permitted for the past five years.

The forces captured and disgraced Boko Haram’s so-called Emir yesterday and handcuffed him in front of his assumed palace before handing him over to the Nigerian security services. Boko Haram proceeded to Gombi headed for Yola, the state capital to try to rescue him

We will bring updates shortly.

We invite all Nigerians to gather donations and support these brave civilians with their prayers.