Adamawa: Ribadu Goes The Jonathan/Namadi Way With Fanatic ‘Religious’ Endorsements

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An increasingly desperate PDP gubernatorial candidate, Nuhu Ribadu is visibly going the Jonathan/Namadina Sambo religious extremist way with fanatics endorsements along religious lines.

Most recent is a ‘Christian’ group that has published an ad in a newspaper claiming to be mobilizing Christians to vote for Nuhu Ribadu.

The sponsored ad captioned, “Christian group drums support for Ribadu in Adamawa” that appeared in PremiumTimes is a latest in extreme measures being funded to promote the PDP candidate in Adamawa state.

Nuhu Ribadu had earlier threatened Nigerians that they must vote for Goodluck Jonathan because of Boko Haram. According to poll results, Nigerians ignored that threat.

Jonathan / Lazarus
Jonathan / Lazarus

Stay tuned for an upcoming exclusive report later today on more surprising bargains by the former EFCC boss.