Ahead of 2015: Youths Lambast Gov Almakura by Umar Ogbanwo

Jan. 6, 2014


by Umar Ogbanwo

The Youths under the aegis of Nasarawa State Youths Network (NASTYNET) yesterday 6th January, 2014 lambasted Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura as a “total failure “and should be defeated in the 2015 election.

In a statement issued in Keffi on Monday by its National President, Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, as they assessed the current crisis and challenges in the State.

The Youths group said “Our present State Government led by Umaru Tanko Almakura is a total failure and we pray that by 2015, he will not return.”

It said at no time in the history of Nasarawa State had the State been steamrolled by so many disasters, loss of lives and extraordinary mishaps as being witnessed now.

“As Youths we are not ignorance of history, the people of the 13 local government and development areas in Nasarawa State have never witnessed such an extraordinary series of mishaps, disasters and the loss of lives in the State like we are presently experiencing to the extent of hijacking and polarising the Students Structure ahead of 2015 general election,” it said.

The youths group listed the continual looting and misappropriation of state funds, the high rate of unemployment in the State, grooming of thugs ahead of 2015, the failure of the Ministry for Higher Education to resolve the current crisis in the National Body of the Nasarawa State Students Association, armed robbery in the rural areas, sacking of thousands youths from work, and lacks of electricity supply in the State as some of the issues Gov Almakura has failed to address.

“We must say categorically that we are in total support of the CHANGE that the good people of Nasarawa State are yearning for, as such, we urge all Youths to support it,” it said.

NASTYNET said the huge unemployment of the youths in the State has led to various vices in the society such as armed robbery, prostitution, assassinations and the activities of Ombatse in the State.

Governor Almakura, has failed to employ the Youths but has been busy accumulating money to run for 2nd Term.

“However, by the special grace of God, he will lose and the wrath of Almighty God will descend upon him in accordance with looting of our State funds” it said.

The statement added the issue of the sacked workers and failure to return those affected is a “disgrace to Nasarawa State.”

“This is a big disgrace to Nasarawa State, the APC-led government is encouraging the death of the Youths who were unjustly sacked but are busy looting our funds. This is the kind of government we have in Nasarawa State and we pray that Youths will be reasonable enough not to return Almakura in 2015,” it said.

On the hijacking and polarising of Students Association ahead of 2015 general election, It added that Governor Almakura was desirous of becoming a Governor beyond 2015 because he considered himself as only person in the State hence he reportedly masterminded imposition of Friday Chorio from Nasarawa State University Keffi as the Students leader despites the facts that it was glaring that Nasir Abdullahi from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria won the election as the President of the Nasarawa State Students Association.

“We must thank the Students body under its Outgoing National President Taimako Sunday and his Executives who in their entirety rejected this unjustly imposition and held several Press conference and protests to prove their point that Nasir Abdulllahi led Executives are the legitimates duly recognized and acknowledged,” it said.

It urged the peace loving Youths of Nasarawa State to remains calm and continues to support the good people of Nasarawa State that are yearning for change and are committed to the interest of the Youths and the welfare of all at all times.

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