AIT Caught Pants Down With Forged “Proof” That “APC Rigged Their Poll”

SR-In a press statement released to the media Thursday, DAAR Communications Plc., parent company of African Independent Television (AIT), alleged that their recent AIT Online presidential opinion poll was maliciously compromised in favor of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari.

African Independent Television logoDAAR Communications Plc. stated that the polls were doctored by hackers connected to the APC, and discredited the survey, which was taken down from the site abruptly.

“General Mohammed Buhari had taken a massive lead in the online poll being conducted by Africa Independent Television’s website where he led President Goodluck Jonathan by 77% to 21% prompting the technical team of the AIT poll to conduct an integrity test on the results at midnight,” the statement read. DAAR Communications and AIT, who have been accused of being biased toward President Jonathan, further claimed that the team’s suspicions were confirmed by a test of votes polled after the poll’s shutdown. “Suspicions that the poll was compromised where [sic] first muted when it emerged the number of unique IP addresses was significantly less than the number of votes polled,” DAAR Communications said. “This suggested that some pollers were able to vote multiple times,” the company furthered.

To corroborate the claims, AIT released an accompanying spreadsheet file, which supposedly showed the doctored votes.

However, Executive Director of Nigeria’s Paradigm Initiative and consultant Gbenga Sesan, who tweets using the handle @GbengaSesan, conducted an investigation of the accompanying file, finding instead that AIT forged the documents, allegedly crafting fake IP addresses to support their claims. Sesan, an ardent Buhari supporter, outlined the details on his Twitter page Thursday.

“What AIT won’t tell you about the CSV file shared with other media houses, along with their statement, is that it’s easy to edit columns,” Sesan tweeted. “I challenge AIT to release the CSV file with all erring IP addresses, and let’s trace those IPs to see where they lead.”

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