Al Jazeera Is Colonialist Media Behind All Terror In Iraq –Daughter of Saddam Hussain

Feb. 20, 2014

The daughter of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has heaped scorn on the Qatar-based broadcaster, Al Jazeera, for the calamities the Iraqi people are faced with.

Raghad Saddam Hussein said Al Jazeera, although an Arab channel, is the link connecting all events and mishaps in Iraq because it follows Western and Israeli policies.

She added that when an Al Jazeera correspondent interviews one of the resistance leaders, the interviewees finally end up killed or taken prisoner.

Raghad stated that Al Jazeera correspondents carry out intelligence operations for the United States, noting that the channel’s correspondents, like a chameleon, are highly capable of lying and deceiving their Arab viewers.

Raghad said Al Jazeera is not an independent channel as it supports the expansion of colonialism within a specified framework.

She described Al Jazeera as the channel of divisionism, seeking to cause the Arab world to fall apart.

She said Al Jazeera focuses on sectarian strife between Shia and Sunni Muslims under the cover of raising issues related to minorities.

Raghad also noted that fatwa issued by Yusuf al-Qaradawi for “jihad” in Syria was first heard on Al Jazeera.

Several Muslim countries have been experiencing violence in one form or another.

Iraq has been the scene of frequent violence, targeting mainly the Shia community in the country while Syria has also been facing the scourge of foreign-backed militancy for almost three years.