Al Qaeda/ISIS in the Middle East & Boko Haram in Nigeria

Shekau and ISIS' Abu Baghdadi - extremist Sunni Takfiri

Some Iraqi activists are not happy with the agreement that transfered #ISIS terrorists from the Syrian-Lebanon border to East Syria.

East Syria is on the border with Iraq. Iraqi PM also complained. Iraqi activists should understand that #ISIS is breathing it last days.

The #ISIS project was a West/Israeli project to destabilize and destroy the region. This project was defeated and ISIS will be history.

Nobody is mourning the defeat of #ISIS like the Israeli PM @netanyahu. The mass murderer of children is crying about for his dead Orphans.

President Michael Aoun (Christian) in an address to the nation thanked #Hezbollah for the great victory against #AlQaeda & #ISIS.

Lebanese President Michael Aoun described #ISIS as “the ugliest plague of this era”. In human history no group equal the savagery of #ISIS.

I asked a Lebanese Blogger of the secret of the swift #Hezbollah victories against #AlQaeda & #ISIS. He said bravery & surveillance Drones.

For close to 10 years the Nigerian Govt have fail 2 defeat #BokoHaram insurgency. Criminals like Buratai became rich while killings continue.

Murderous criminals like Buratai are making millions of Naira out of the #BokoHaram insurgency while Nigerians are bombed and killed.

#BokoHaram does not have any grassroot support in North East Nigeria. #AlQaeda & #ISIS have more wider support among Nigerian Wahhabis.

A serious Nigeria Government will destroy the #BokoHaram insurgency in 6 months by eliminating criminals like Buratai (Dubai Landlord) who feed on BokoHaram.

There are corrupt politicians, military officers, notorious Grass Cutter gang & corrupt Borno elites who feed fat on #BokoHaram insurgency.

A serious Nigerian Govt will eliminate these traitors & go after the murderous thugs. 100s of Surveillance Drones highly needed.