Alamieyeseigha: Who Shot The Sheriff?


An “Ijaw group” in America said it was Buhari that “shot the Sheriff,” Governor general of Bayelsa and mentor of former president Goodluck Jonathan, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha. (May his soul R)

Current governor of Ekiti state, famous for declaring death on Buhari, Ayodele Fayose hasseconded their position. Their position is that Buhari and his APC government made Diepreye Alamieyeseigha’s blood pressure get out of control and seize his life.

Fayose blamed the death on the fear of extradition to the UK, making the late governor “abandon his treatment in Dubai.” He said, “Obviously, the Federal Government was behind the plot to extradite the Alamieyeseigha to the United Kingdom to face fresh trial, a situation that made him to abandon his medical treatment in Dubai.”

It’s so funny. Where do we start?

After 16 years of Fayose’s PDP party, why should Alamieyeseigha need treatment abroad? No hospital in Bayelsa? No hospital in Ekiti? So do we blame the alleged death on PDP and its reign of corruption for the past 16 years?

Or do we attribute his death to the prayers of the Chibok girls in particular and Nigeria in general?

Can we wisely say that it was pastor Oyedepo that called the death in addition to the sack of former president Goodluck Jonathan when he prayed and got thousands of “Amens” that death shall be the portion of all enemies of Nigeria and sponsors of Boko Haram?

Oyedepo’s prayer:

“I heard from God, and He has proved it beyond measure. Therefore, every occult root, every political root of this [Daesh] uprising is cursed today.”

Ebrogishigi kaua baka shek dekerekushaga sheshu kuriayakata.

“…I decree all sponsors cursed.”

“Pray in the spirit everybody. Open fire! Call down the Holy ghost fire to descend on the enemy! Enough is enough!”

*More curses in the different languages of tongues.

*The crowd in a frenzy of prayer against the enemies of Nigeria and sponsors of the uprising and terror.

“Every agent of destruction in government today, God fire them on their head!”

“God fire them on their head!”

“Robiketu soria, yakata korekete!”

“Every one sponsoring evil against the nation, let your fire burn!”

*More prayers and prayers and Amens, and Amens. The crowd burst in prayer.

“A Boko Haarm agent was captured and they said he escaped. Everyone connected to his escape, fire consume them, consume them. Go ahead and pray… Fire of the Lord consume them.”

Nigerians have been praying, many have been reciting Psalm 109:6-15! against the enemies of Nigeria’s progress…for God to “blot out the names of their enemies from the earth,” as verse 15 concludes. I believe it is most wise to conclude that the happenings in Nigeria are the result of the prayers of the congregations. For the Lord answers our sincere prayers; it is His promise.

So who “shot the Sheriff?”

While Nigerians earnestly yearn a leader who can command the corrupt to die of vessel explosions in their sleep, and while some of us have called on the UK to REQUEST EXTRADITION of a large list of names we have compiled for them, I would not want to give Buhari or/and/with the UK such power over life and death. Ultimately it was the Lord that snuffed out Alams…and having personally seen billions of naira being spent by his children, I’d say it had something to do with the prayers of the people.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian