ALERT: Civilian-JTF Urgently Warns Nigerian Army Of Impending Boko Haram Attack At Konduga

With Ibn Fadlallah hunters CDS Alex BAdseh hurriedly liberates his Mubi hometown wheile Boko Haram continues to freely occupy most of Borno state


Villagers and Civilian JTFs have notified the Nigerian Army of an imminent attack on the town of Konduga. Boko Haram Insurgents have been sighted by villagers and CJTFs exiting the town of Dikwa with an intention to attack Konduga which has been the Military’s strong hold despite several attempts by Boko Haram to capture the town.

This information requires the Military to beef up security and intensify air surveillance.

It is important to recall as reported by NewsRescue, a recently written open letter by the Officer Commanding Konduga Town and the various sabotages his superior officers meted to him since he wrote this public, revealing and embarrassing letter. The Officer has now been transferred to Abuja which left Konduga prone to attack and once Konduga has been taken by Boko Haram terrorists, Maiduguri is doomed.

This is an SOS call from the Youth of Borno to Mr. President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.