ALERT: PVC Supplier Detained, Tortured By DSS To Release PVC Security Codes

Nigerians, hold your breath. It is not over until it is over! We have been reliably informed through two separate sources that one Alhaji Sani Musa, who is the owner of ACT Technologies (, the company that manufactured and supplied the PVCs to INEC,  is now under unlawful detention in DSS dungeons. CUPS understand that the man is being tortured for failing to release the PVCs security codes. This is very alarming development for a lot of reasons. ACT Technologies is a reputable, well established, Nigerian company based in Abuja. Between 2013 and 2014, INEC paid the company the sum of N2.6 billion to manufacture the PVCs with very high security specifications. Among the security specifications is a robust encryption system that could not be easily broken. Now the DSS wants the security codes to the PVCs encryption system! The entire forthcoming general elections is under threat if the DSS were to obtain these security codes. The following scenarios are likely to happen:

1. With a team of Israeli and Belgian hackers already working at the presidential palace, the government hackers will be able to invalidate any number of valid PVCs. This could be millions of voters’ PVCs, especially in areas of the country where the government is likely to suffer humiliating defeat.

2. The government hackers will be able to insert into the INEC voting system their own fabricated “virtual” PVCs. This could be millions of bogus PVCs that do not exist physically, but exist electronically and could be traced as valid PVCs in the final electoral results. With this, the government has the chance to massively rig the general elections in its favour.

Uncollected PVCs being harvested by PDP
Uncollected PVCs being harvested by PDP

For the avoidance of doubt, nobody in Nigeria has the right to obtain the encryption keys to the PVCs, not even Professor Jega or Goodluck Jonathan. The encryption system is in place as a security feature to protect the integrity of the electronic electoral system. This is a matter of life and death for the future of Nigeria. We at CUPS call on all well meaning Nigerians to register their revulsion at this treasonable move by the DSS. You can register your revulsion by writing letters, calling, texting, or emailing the EU Elections Monitors based in Abuja. Ask the EU Monitors to put pressure on the government to release Alhaji Sani Musa immediately.

EU Monitors Contact Address:
Transcorp Hilton
1 Aguyi Ironsi Street Maitama,
900001 Abuja
Telephone: +234 (0)806 7446 222
Email: [email protected]

EU Monitors Media Contact:
Eberhard Laue, Press and Public Outreach Officer
Telephone: +234 (0)809 6032 032
Email: [email protected]

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.