Amazing Herb Kills Most Cancer Cells in Just Few Days! See Real People’s Results

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In our commitment to bring you authentic alternative therapeutic means of dealing with illnesses where orthodox big pharma medicine fails, we ensure we investigate for the use of such treatments in real people.

“Sweet wormwood” plant or “Artemisia Annua” derivative which is also one of the best current orthodox treatments for malaria is apparently also a cancer cure miracle!

We are thrilled by the comments below which we just lifted from real people on the youtube video below. You can check comments from the video below and talk to the people who got cured and look at many more actual comments.

Here are two comments we picked today, December 16th 2016:

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Read Article: Wormwood Extract Kills Cancer Cells, by Deborah Hill

Recent research has shown that one Chinese herb cured 98% of cancer cells in just 16 hours. Amazed? Read on to see more details on this exciting discovery.

We are all too aware of the human epidemic of cancer. Much has been written linking our more unhealthy lifestyles and our over-consumption of processed foods, low-quality meat and dairy, and refined sugars as being contributory factors as well as pollution and environmental factors. Big Pharmas and the mainstream medical community dispel these links but more and more evidence is pointing to nature curing our ills – a fact they often don’t want to hear.

This recent research was published in Life Science and involved the herb, commonly used in Chinese medicine, artemisinin which is a “Sweet wormwood” plant or “Artemisia Annua” derivative.

When mixed with iron, researchers found that, within 16 hours, 98% of the cancer cells were killed. It was effective across all types of cancers. Artemisinin has been used in the past as a powerful anti-malarial herb, but this study was specifically exploring its action against cancer. Mixing with iron seems to be the key point, as when the artemisinin was used in isolation there was only a 28% reduction in cancer cells.


So when the patients in this study were given an iron supplement (which often accumulates in breast tissue, but especially so in cancerous cells), the artemisinin was effectively able to target ‘bad’ cells and leave ‘good’ cells alone.

The report concluded that “In general, our results show that artemisinin stops ‘E2F1′ transcription factor and intervenes in destruction of lung cancer cells, meaning it presents a transcription way according to which artemisin controls reproductive cancer cell growth”,

“This looks very promising,” says Gary Poser, an organic chemist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland – this could be a huge breakthrough.

Watch the video detailing the promise shown by this herb used with iron by Len Saputo, MD.:


  • DISCLAIMER: We are not selling anything and only offer you information for your personal benefit. This article does not substitute your health care physicians advice and is only for informative purposes.