America Signing Gay Right Into Law Is Acceptance Of Scientific Failure

Abubakar Ali Abdallah

In this 21st century whereby scientific discovery and technological development are the order of the day, it is shocking that the white can no longer think of how to correct sexual malfunctioning in some certain individuals but resorted to accepting it’s normal and creating a space for normalization of such sickness. The US Catholic Bishops call the act ‘Tragic Error’ but I call it ‘Acceptance Of Scientific Failure’.

The medical experts are busy trying to create artificial blood, artificial hearts, artificial nerves, artificial brains etc. Technological experts on the other hand are trying to create human intelligence robots that can replace man in carrying out certain kinds of works, but one would wonder why they (the white) have not tried to discover how to correct the malfunctional hormones responsible for transgender, homosexuality or lesbianism.

It is really an admittance of failure in scientific improvement but the white are full of ego that they wouldn’t like to come out clearly to acknowledge their failure. This has lead them into pushing the fight to religious and legal experts instead of medical and technological experts called scientists. If not, why would someone like Obama born of a woman and married to a woman assent to ‘man marring a man’ isn’t it ironical? Or why would US parliament be legislating about giving right to those demanding wrong thing because of their ill health.

Why don’t they consider ‘drug addicts rights’ or ‘terrorism rights’ or even ‘murder rights’.

The white would always come up with stupid defence of a wrong thing without a balanced argument. Is it everything someone desires that he must have, the answer is capital NO. There are some demands that are selfish and need not be granted. But if US can justify gay rights, ISIS would want to justify terrorism and armed robbers would also want to justify robbery.

When would the world stop this stupid jungle justice where everything the white do is right but when another person does similar thing he is wrong?

I conclude by saying, the problem of gay marriage is more scientific than legal.

Also, western scientists have failed the entire world thereby creating a space for the idle minds of their legal practitioners to experiment their ill defined concept of human rights and freedom.