American Celebrities Storm #BringBackOurGirls As Dr. Brimah Pushes for Revolution

May. 1, 2014


Day 15 of the 234 Chibok girls abduction saw twitter take a storm as American celebrities and empathizers stormed the twitter #BringBackOurGirls hashtag campaign.

Americans like Piers Morgan, Mary J Blige, Donna Brazille among numerous others suddenly flooded the campaign, demanding action from the Nigerian government and global administrations to rescue the 234 girls abducted from Chibok school in the volatile Borno state, northeast of Nigeria.

#BringBackOurGirls was the top trending hashtag on twitter as Nigerians slept in preparation for a third day of massive protests against the government.

Nigerians had said this time they were going to raise all issues, the missing $20 billion, the immigration scam in which 20 Nigerians were killed and 700,000 unemployed youth were cheated and all other oppressive issues the people faced in the hands of their government.

Dr Peregrino Brimah, a Nigerian civil activist sent tweets out directing people to begin the revolution. Dr. Brimah shared an article in which he described the number of girls, 234, as being a sign for Nigeria; dialing the Nigerian area code which coincidentally is also ‘234.’ He called for the protests to be channeled as a full revolution, to expel the cabal who Nigerians blame for the corruption derived insecurity and terror. His article: 234: Time For The Nigerian Masses Revolution

He also called for US sanctions against Nigerian government officials.

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