An Open Letter To President Buhari, by Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peter’s Jr

President Muhammadu Buhari
President & Commander-in-chief,
of the Armed Forces,
Presidential Villa,
Aso Rock, Abuja



Mr. President I’m but just one of the thousands of the young youth advocate in Niger Delta, whose voice have been ignored. By introduction I am Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peter’s Jr, from Ayakoromo and Ogodobiri town, Burutu and Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State, Secretary General People of Intellectual Visions (PIV) and Chairman Niger Delta Youth association,  Delta State chapter.

Mr. President as this year present a host of both opportunities and challenges, you as well set priorities policies for 2016, i hope that you will devote real effort to a small but critically important policy issue that would address several of our most pressing problems. Investing in better opportunities for young Nigerians would draw support from policy makers, advocates and members of the public from both political parties and across ethnicities, and geopolitical zones.

However, now is not the time for hesitance or half measures.  For the wellbeing of our country, we need you to use “the power of the pen”. We call on you to: As your actions and policies will make a difference in the lives of millions of people, we are counting on you to use diplomacy and not political vindictiveness in your anti-corruption crusade.

Mr. President there is a need to strenghten the Nigerian Seaferers development program (nsdp) under the management of Nigeria Maritime Administrative and Safety Agency (NIMASA) the program is a clear strategic intervention scheme aimed primarily at addressing the short to medium term manpower for the Nigerian maritime industry, to improve young Nigerians overall skill base, to increase professional indegenous seaferars, to encourage development of capacity in the shipping industry, develop a pool of surveyors and to facilitate the discharge of NIMASA’S function under flag and port state control.

Over 2000 young Nigerians have been sent to different countries in the globe to study maritime courses under former president Goodluck Jonathan Administration, some of them graduated already waiting for mandatory 12 month (1year) sea time training which will enable the institutions to award the students credible and recognized (acceptable) bachelor of science certificate. More young Nigerians are expected to graduate soon.

Mr. President government is a continuum
So it’s expected that your government will continue with the policies and actions carried out by Jonathan to aid the young Nigerians to achieve their primary goal by investing and fecilitating on the Nigerian Seafarers Development Program which will enable the students undergo their mandatory seatime training within short period of time. If the program is abandoned at this very final stage it might psychologically and morally affect the young Nigerians.

The former director general of NIMASA, Dr. Akpobolokemi Patrick Ziakede dedicated his time and effort to the best of his ability to develop young Nigerians across the country through the nsdp program that Nigerians will be proud of. There have been some very memorable moments during his time at Nimasa director general. I have nothing but respect and admiration for his support and values that make him exceptional. His selfless service will always be valued and cherished by appreciative and positive young Nigerians.


Cancelation of Okerenkoko Federal Maritime University is a call for violence and presently leading to arm escalation in the region. A peace that was achieved in hard work over 7 years.

Mr. President every young Niger Deltan has the right to a good education within the region! When young Niger Deltans are educated they are more likely to be aware of their rights and better able to make sure that these rights are highly respected. At the same time, the Maritime University will provides the young Niger Deltans and beyond with vital skills, critical thinking and confidence, create a healthy basis for everyone to succeed in life and they will forver remain humble and passionate citizens.

Mr. President i urge you to adopt the visions and provide adequate funding for the continuation of the university. The establishment of the university was one of the achievements of former president Jonathan Administration. Cancelation of the university should never be considered as the best option rather a clarion call for a rejuvenated violence.

Mr. President i commend you for the anti corruption drive but it must be done without corruption in itself where some persons are seen as above the law either for political or personal reasons.

Let me close this letter by nudging you and your cabinet to defend the sovereignty and independence of Nigerians and assert your right, OUR RIGHT, to adopt policies and programs that will truly lift the people out of under-development and grinding poverty.

Thanks and Godbless you Mr. President.

Yours Sincerely

Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peter’s Jr
A Patriotic/Concern Young Nigerian