Another Lie Against President Buhari: Daughter Not Married To Modu Sheriff’s Son


Again, we expose yet another slander intended claim of President Buhari’s daughter being married to former governor of Borno Ali Modu Sheriff’s son which is being spread and recirculated on the www.

This is another absolute falsehood. None of President Buhari’s daughters is married to a son or brother of the controversial former Borno governor.

The malicious misinformation is again being aggressively pushed in articles addressing the interrogation of the former governor for the coveting much of 300 billion naira during his tenure.

Former governor Modu Sheriff is currently being quizzed on massive corruption charges and accused of being a Boko Haram sponsor.

A video of the wedding of Buhari’s fifth daughter, Halima with a certain Alhaji Babagana Sheriff has been branded “the wedding of Buhari’s daugher with Modu Sheriff’s son” and is being spread by several Nigerian sites, some unknowingly and some being paid by the PDP in attempt to malign the character of Nigeria’s president. Popular internet sites including have been caught spreading this falsehood.

While there is no offense in any tainted or starkly corrupt person’s children marrying or being married by who they wish (or wearing what accessories, e.g. wristwatches or shoes they wish), as the elected politicians are distinct individuals from their their children and/or spouses who are not voted into office; the truth simply is that Modu Sheriff has no son as old as that. The man involved, Alhaji Babagana Sheriff who attended University of Maiduguri according to his friends who we interviewed, is not the former governor’s son or brother as many sites have falsely claimed. The man is at best distantly related to the former governor.

The wedding which took place in December of 2012 had the Shehu of Borno, stand as the groom’s father, while because Senator Modu Sheriff participated in receiving the bride, the video became ripe for slander by Nigeria’s malicious professionals.

Wedding video of Halima Buhari and Alhaji Babagana Sheriff

At the time of the wedding it hit headlines because people were amazed the former General gave his daughter in marriage for a paltry gold coin sum of only N200,000 (About $700). Headlines at the time were: “Awesome! General Buhari Gives Out His Daughter For Marriage For Just ₦200K.

Over the years we have cleaned up several slanderous lies against Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari as well as other prominent people who have been targets of demonic libel.

Former president's Abdusalami and Jonathan of the PDP
Former president’s Abdulsalami and Jonathan of the PDP

President Buhari was particularly targeted in a billion-dollar slander campaign organized by the expelled PDP government of Goodluck Jonathan. In the past we cleaned up false claims that the former General said he will make Nigeria ungovernable, providing it was only a PDP founder, Lawal Kaita that had said such. We also exposed how at a time the Jonathan government had had to apologize and plead to the current president for libelous publications by the then presidency and Guardian newspaper, they were forced to retract after a court decision.