APC Celebrates The Return Of Mass Murderer Buhari – @Elbinawi

Paid and released Boko Haram terrorist


@APCNigeria Govt does not have a single achievement in their two years in power so they celebrate every little things like @MBuhari’s return.

When @NGRPresident @MBuhari paid 2.6 million Euros to #BokoHaram in exchange for 82 abducted #ChibokGirls, @APCNigeria celebrated.

How many Nigerians were killed by the @MBuhari enriched #BokoHaram? More than 1000 innocent Nigerians killed & 1000s injured. Many abducted…

@APCNigeria used Nigerians money to fund Buhari’s medical tourism in UK. @APCNigeria will still use Nigerians money for the celebrations.

The fact that the economy is in deep recession and Nigerians are hungry and suffering is a secondary issue to the @APCNigeria Government.

The skeletal-looking Buhari can not cope with the rigours and challenges of Governance but the corrupt cabal around him want him in power at all cost.

I will never pray for a mass murderer like @MBuhari. I only pray for the 1000s innocent Nigerians he brutally murdered. #ZariaMassacre #AbaMassacre etc

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