How APC, Saraki and Kwara State Govt masterminded Kidnapping of activist in Ilorin


Kwara Must Change can now authoritatively reveal the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, Kwara State All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Kwara State Government are alleged principal suspects in the kidnap,
torture and de-humanization of Crown Ahmed Olanrewaju Buhari, a social justice activist in Kwara State.

The activist was kidnapped in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on 30th August, 2017 at the Kwara State High Court, while observing a case between Sahara Reporters and Bukola Saraki.

It was reported that the first day of SaharaReporters’ appearance to contest a bizarre judgment obtained in a Kwara State High Court by Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki quickly turned bloody as armed thugs invaded the court premises to abduct activist, Crown Ahmed Olanrewaju Buhari who showed up in court in solidarity with SaharaReporters.

Before his abduction by the kidnappers and political thugs, Comrade Ahmed had sent distress messages to different people including Kwara Must Change. We later learned that the comrade was eventually kidnapped and driven away to the Government Reservation Area (GRA) of Ilorin, where he was assaulted, tortured, de-humanized and forced to make false confession at gun point before a legislative aide of the Senate President, Olaitan Obalowu, APC Publicity Secretary, Sulyman Buhari and Chair Person of Local Government Commission, Mrs Saratu Adebayo.

The victim was later released by the kidnappers and the video evidence of his kidnapping was released by social media aides of the Kwara State Government and the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who also tried to defame another political activist known as Kayode Oyin Zubair, claiming he was a sponsor of what they described as attempt to detonate bomb at the court premises.

Mr Kayode quickly wrote a petition to the Kwara State Commissioner of Police on 31st August 2017, alleging criminal defamation and threat to life. We are informed that several suspects had been questioned by the police about the source of the recorded video of the victim with all fingers pointing to a shady website known as fidelity reporters.

Kwara Must Change investigated the website to establish the fact of the matter and we unraveled the identity of the website operator. Our investigation, through the aid of some IT experts reveals that, Fidelity Reporters which posted the video of the kidnap victim is owned by one Osinuga Oriola, an ilorin resident living at 10 Mandate Estate in Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria.

People that are at the court premises on that day informed Kwara Must Change that they saw Oriola at the court premises. Osinuga Oriola is also the owner of Sahara Reporter Rescue, a clone of Sahara Reporters,
Channelsreports, a clone of Channels TV website and naijaeverything.

He is suspected to be a former scammer known as Yahoo Yahoo, who specializes in buying electronics on internet with stolen credit cards before venturing into blogging.

The victim of the kidnapping had gone quite since the occurrence of the traumatic incident, but he reached out to Kwara Must Change yesterday to identify some of the people who participated in his kidnapping and the role they played. Although, he said they are more people involved, but he can identify at least 3 people from pictures posted on the social media during the court hearing.

According to the victim, a legislative aide of the Senate President, Olaitan Obalowu was one of those who carried out the kidnapping. He stated that Obalowu was the one who kept an eye on him until he was abducted. This is not surprising because Obalowu is also the same person who had called to threaten violence against Kwara Must Change over the planned recall of the Senate President few months ago.

Also identified as part of the kidnappers is the All Progressive Congress (APC) woman leader in the state, Mrs Saratu Adebayo, who is also the Chairperson of Local Government Commission.

According to the victim, while he was being beaten, tortured and recorded at the GRA residence he was taken to by the kidnappers, Mrs Saratu was in their midst, cursing and raining abuses on him for working against their leader, the Senate president and trying to bring him down.

Additionally, the victim also identified Mr Sulyman Buhari, the APC Publicity Secretary in the state as one of those who not only supervised the kidnapping, but also witnessed his de-humanization.

According to him, the APC spokesman was also standing there while he was being brutalized and recorded by the kidnappers. He noted that after he was asked to go, his mobile phones, money and everything was seized. The APC spokesman then gave him N1000 for transportation.

With this latest revelation, we have no doubt whatsoever that the kidnapping of a free citizen, Crown Ahmed Olanrewaju Buhari on 30th August, 2017 at the Kwara State High Court during the appeal of Sahara Reporters Vs Bukola Saraki was a top level decision between the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, the Kwara State Government led by the Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed and the leadership of the Kwara State All Progressive Congress (APC).

Although, the Nigerian Senate has not enacted law that would prescribe capital punishment for kidnappers across the country, we strongly advocate for strong punishment against those who sponsored and carried out this act of criminality against Comrade Ahmed Buhari. They must never go unpunished.

We therefore call on the Inspector General of Police to immediately arrest all the identified suspects and take over this matter to ensure justice is done without delay.

Let it be known that, the perpetrator of this dastardly act must never go unpunished. It doesn’t matter who they are, the post they occupy or those who are supporting them. Justice must be served.

We also call on the national leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to condemn the criminal act of its Kwara State leadership, because the APC is now being associated with terrorizing citizens, kidnapping activists and doing everything possible to silence all voices speaking reason.

Kwara Must Change also calls on the Nigerian Senate to dissociate itself and condemn the undemocratic activities of its President in Kwara State. The President of the Nigerian Senate cannot be seen to be aiding the kidnap of free citizens exercising their rights in Nigeria. This is an impunity taken too far.

We also urge the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) to call the Kwara State governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed to order for aiding its appointee, who participated in the kidnapping and torture of a citizen. A responsible state government should not have in its cabinet, a woman participating in kidnapping of perceived political dissent.

We at the Kwara Must Change will not continue to watch helplessly for the good people of Kwara State to be denied of their rights. More than ever before, we are determined to keep speaking up for all victims of bad governance and right abuses.

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
Kwara Must Change