Are The ‘Fulani’ Terrorists Being Sponsored By The Same Sponsor Of Boko Haram?

Boko Haram leader at Eid in Sambisa this September


I believe this is a legitimate question Nigerians must ask as the so-called Fulani herdsmen, continue to wage war against Nigeria. I disagree with calling them herdsmen. We have written to advise the Nigerian Security department to stop patronising this malicious and false classification which endangers real Nigerian Fulani herdsmen. The armed incendiarist murderers ravaging the nation are simply terrorists, Boko Haram terrorists to be precise.

So the important question to ask as we all recognize them for what they are–terrorists–is who is sponsoring them and who is behind them? The answer to this may be right before us but we deny to accept it for our dishonest reasons. Ask, who sponsored Boko Haram? What is the mission of Boko Haram? The same person or persons who sponsored Boko Haram is sponsoring these nomadic terrorists.

This is why we have written in the past that Buhari cannot defeat Boko Haram without identifying and defeating its sponsors. It is a dream to imagine that arresting most foot soldiers means a victory against Boko Haram. The sponsor of Boko Haram is a very evil person/government and that person(s) who may reside locally or be abroad/affiliated abroad is willingly arming and paying these Boko Haram ‘nomads,’ local and foreign to continue perpetrating the same sinister mission to cause mayhem, trigger deadly strife and annihilate as much of Nigeria as possible.

We must urge the Nigerian security department to come plain with Nigerians and tell us the reality of the threat we face. Coming plain while also firmly, openly and not “silently,” sounding a military might and bullet backed warning against the rampaging terrorists will allow Nigerians a chance to properly contain this terror menace while also protecting true Fulani herdsmen.

There is a narrow window for the Buhari government to act. We strongly urge this government to act and act appropriately before this window closes. The failures of Jonathan’s government and its denial of the reality of the Boko Haram threat…handling it with ‘kid gloves,’ is why Nigeria became the worst terrorized nation on earth. Nigeria must learn from history.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian