Arise Nigerian Youth: It Is Our Time – Sovereign National Party

Feb. 12, 2014


We are the youth of Nigeria. We are smart, we are strong, we are wise, we are vibrant, we are tech savy, we are desperate for progress and we have numbers. This is our time.

Our past has been rubbished, our present is hopeless and our future will be a repeat, empty and full of pain unless we seize this moment. We have learnt from the bitter lessons of our past and we are ready to direct our future. This is our time.

The history of Nigeria is sore, a depressing tale of theft, insensitivity and mismanagement by the most worthless of our past generations. Nigeria has been let down and brought to global shame by successive recycled leaders, both military and civilian. There is little left to be proud of and much to be salvaged. We are known to be one of the most terrorized, most looted, most crime infested, most retrogressive nations in the entire world. Nigeria has organized corruption, with established global corruption networks. There is terror in the north and south. The nation’s resource and wealth is stolen before it even reaches our shores. Wickedness is entrenched in the leadership. There is a lack of foresight. Progress seems illusive and we the youth have been promised more of the same; more unemployment, more government corruption, more dirty politics, more terror, more pollution, more crime and more hopelessness. But we can change all this if we seize our moment. This is our time.

The incumbent party is sworn to looting and protection of corruption. They have embraced corruption, rewarding rather than ever reprimanding corrupt government officials. They have empowered and protected terror, never arresting terror sponsors. There is no news here and it is too shameful to repeat in this message, the billions we keep finding missing. The opposition party, though a change, has not proven that they will be more than just a difference, that they will respect the young and old, that they will cleanse Nigeria of impunity in its leadership, that they will be transparent and enforce accountability, that they will provide a promise of employment and opportunities for the 50% youth of the nation. They have not demonstrated that they will put us, the largest demographic block and the dynamic youth whose time is due, as a corner pillar in steering the nation. A nation that denies its youth and women can never prosper. The current big parties do not see us. They do not realize our strength and our potential, but this force majeure is coming. 2015, we will seize our destiny. We will take Nigeria. We will arise and fulfill our pledge to defend this nation’s honor and glory. This is our time.

Now, we the Sovereign National Party [SNP] established February 2012 in the aftermath of the oil subsidy protests, ask you our fellow youth. Are you ready? Is this your time? If we do not step forward as a united and powerful block to determine our future this 2015, when shall we? Have you had enough of seeing the septuagenarians and octogenarians who have been chronically recycled in our political halls of power? Do we owe this duty to our parents who live and die saddened that their nation was hijacked by plunderers and held no promise? Do you believe that this is our time!

If you believe that we must be represented. If you believe that we can bring hope to this nation and Africa as a whole. If you believe that we can make a difference. If you believe that we have the numbers. If you believe that we should never again be the political thugs and pawns of decayed minds. If you believe that we have the technology and the advancement to interact, coordinate and catapult our mission of youth repositioning. Then we call on you to distribute this message and collect each other in political formations. Be the leaders, command your domain, rule your world and together we will rule this nation. Seize your local government. Start from small meetings, small groups and tell your brothers, sisters, cousins to do the same. Together we will break the curse of corruption. Together we will set backwardness on fire. Together we will burn political based ethnic strife on the stake. Together we will retire all the old lizards with expired ideas who have held to the clutches of power since the nation’s birth.  It takes just 4 years to transform any nation. Shall we transform Nigeria from 2015 so by 2019, ours will be a superpower and a nation the world respects and contends with, one we and our loved ones are proud of?

Come with your ideas on how we can save our nation of many great nations. We believe in discussion. Your rules are our rules because our problems are your problems. The SNP is an open platform, owned by any and every youth who stands forth. We have murdered the cabal. We have murdered political bigmanism. Come hold the reigns and do something that you can be proud of. That the black race can be proud of.

It is now or never!

It is time for us youth of Nigeria!

The Sovereign National Party [SNP} calls to all youth. Arise and join us at our Town hall. This is our time!

Edward Olutoke for SNP
A new leaf!
Sovereign National Party
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