Armed Robbers Attack Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos

Mar. 14, 2013

NewsRescue- Armed robbers with white hankies tied around their heads, numbering about 20 made a brazen attack in the premises of the Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos, Wednesday evening.

A barrage of shots were fired in all directions as the robbers attempted to rob the bureau-d-change’s where foreign currency exchanges are made.

According to an eye-witness, who lay down in his car and shut off the engine, a police car with police officers who were at the scene actually did the same, they turned off their engine and lay low in their car, and the only dutiful service they offered was to encourage other motorists to likewise shut off their engines and take cover below the door panels.

Unluckily for the armed robbers, other police in the area, possibly security details accompanying executives, responded and exchanged fire with the armed bandits. Details are sketchy, but four officers were reported wounded and one bandit possibly killed in the exchange before the robbers ran off with up to 8 million naira loot.

The robbers utilized the back fields of the airport, eye witnesses said.

An Asian who was making a currency exchange at the time was also a victim of the robbers.