As Obasanjo Warns, Plans Of Military Coup ‘When GEJ Loses’ Revealed

NSA Dasuki, implicated in February 7, 2015 coup


As the former president of Nigeria warms the current administration of the implications of the rumored coup in staging in the event of an approaching loss for the Jonathan administration, the plans for the military coup in preparation have been gradually coming to the open.

It must be recalled that the first leg of the military coup was activated as observed by attorney Femi Falana, on February 7th this year when the NSA, National Security Adviser and service chiefs stepped in to force the postponement of the slated general elections.

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Latest information on the planned coup is as obtains below:

A very senior officer in the Nigerian army has stated that the President, NSA and the Service Chiefs have concluded arrangements for the military to take over government in the event of early election results indicating PDP’s failure.

The president had already paid some groups to come out en mass and demonstrate against the INEC Chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega with the groups and more also paid to cause electoral confusion in states across the nation.

The military will use this sponsored unrest as excuses to justify the take over.

The General said that the military will dissolve all political parties and deliberately ban the current contestants from taking part in future politics in order to prevent the “Integrity” Buhari/Osinbajo candidates they fear from reappearing on the scene.

This corruption enmeshed government; its top officials, Diezani and the like and the service chiefs according to source are simply too afraid of jail and the truncation of the billions of dollars they loot from the treasury if Buhari comes to power. They know if immunity covers the president it cannot cover them all.

Major federal roads will be blocked and internet, phone and other means of communication are planned to be obstructed gradually from this Thursday.

In the event of much pressure on the junta, they have already secured the civilian interim president from the north and the vice president from the South, he added.

The coup is tentatively to be staged while Mr. Jonathan is his village for the elections.

Prof Attahiru Jega is likely to be arrested and the junta will promise free and fair elections and an end to BOKO HARAM insurgency, the source confirmed.

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It must be recollected that NewsRescue exclusively first exposed this information over a month agowhen we first were alerted to the plan to allow the elections proceed and disrupt the democratic process “on election D-day;” here is that report again: NewsRescueREVEALED: Jonathan’s Latest Plan- To Violently Disrupt March 28th Elections on D-Day

Citizens are advised to go out to vote en mass, peacefully protect their vote including with video and picture evidence (Download HawkVisionAPP) and then t defend the electoral process in the days ahead from the thugs, militants and unscrupulous military chiefs.

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