As Saraki Commenced Begging

Bukola Saraki

Gani Muhammed Ajowa, additions by Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi I

In line with my prediction of just last week, Mr. Bukola Saraki has commenced series of begging in order to retain his seat. He equally fears that the police investigations into forgery allegation at National Assembly is an invitation to places in jail.

He has deployed Emirs and a few APC governors to beg Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu and other other leaders of the party.

Tambuwal begged his other colleagues to let them remove the issue from the police.

You cannot build something on nothing. Nostra II warned a long time ago and warned again 2 weeks ago and re-iterated his warning again last week. It is coming to pass. I thot the tiger of Ilorin is bigger than or equal to the lion of bourdillion? He who rides of the back of a tiger will surely be consumed by it. No be so?

Saraki will beg to resign.